Minarets Annual Veterans Celebration

On Wednesday Nov. 12 at 6 p.m., Minarets High School will host the third Annual Veterans Celebration. This event is intended to celebrate Veterans, connect them with students, and document the stories of our local heroes. Each year, veterans come to this event where themselves and a guest can receive a free meal, various presentation by students and fellow veterans, and a chance to tell their story.

The Veterans Project at Minarets began four years ago with Daniel Ching and continues with Principal Ching and Teacher Jahmaal Sawyer working together.

Veterans from World War II to Afghanistan are interviewed by students in studios set up by student themselves. The footage captured during these celebrations featured online, have gone on to win awards with students such as Senior Haley Honeycutt producing and directing them. The project has been presented all over the state and was presented in Austin, Texas this summer.

This has turned into an amazing event where we have established relationships between generations. The event is planned and carried out completely by students with the guidance of their teachers. The students and staff at Minarets are honored each year to connect with the veterans.

Also this year, Minarets High School would like to continue the process of building a veterans memorial where the football stadium will be built. Minarets staff is looking for community members to contribute in this process.

We would like to invite all veterans to the third Annual Veterans Day Celebration. You must RSVP by Nov. 6. Veterans and one guest are free. Any additional guests are asked to pay a donation. Interviews are not required but strongly encouraged. The Interviews will take place from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. If you are able to interview early in the day and you live close, we appreciate you scheduling appropriately.

- Minarets Correspondent