Pat Strimling leads 4-H for 30 years

Pat Strimling has been the Community Club Leader for Coarsegold 4-H for 30 years. A long time ago, her daughter, Diana, was a 4-H member and she had been continuing to be a leader for our club even after Diana grew up. Pat is also our Poultry Project Leader and Leadership Project Leader. She goes to all of the Madera County Leaders Council meetings to keep our club up to date and she is the main reason why most of us are still doing 4-H. She teaches us about everything in 4-H, not just poultry, and she always knows the 4-H answers. Thank you Pat for being our Community Club Leader for 30 years.

* Coarsegold 4-H Community Service update: Our club helped at the Country Fair at Coarsegold Elementary School on October 4th. We helped pickup trash after the fair and got recyclables. We turned in the recyclables and collected $17. This money will go back into our club to help pay for supplies in the Arts and Crafts Project.

Our Club is planning to make gift boxes for Operation Christmas Child next month and going to set up a blood drive in February. If you are having an event and would like us to volunteer to help you, please contact Deonne Gonzalez at

* Coarsegold 4-H Leadership project: Our Leadership Project is the officers of our club. We meet one hour before every club meeting to go over what we will be discussing at our club meeting and we are also learning about how to be good role models and leaders. Our last meeting on October 9th, we had a guest speaker. Her name was Victoria Bodine. She is a 4-H TLAW. TLAW stands for Teen Leader Award Winner. She told us how we could become one one day and she also told us about her experience in Sacramento at the 4-H State Leadership Conference. She had a poster with pictures and she told us what she learned there. Our club meeting this month, was our annual Candlelight Ceremony and induction of new officers. Victoria also helped us with this. Thank you Victoria Bodine for coming to our meeting, sharing your stories with us, and helping at our club meeting.

Our leader is Pat Strimling and if you would like to join our 4-H, you can call her at 683-5149. Anyone can join. You don’t have to be a student at Coarsegold Elementary to be a member of Coarsegold 4-H, you can live anywhere in Madera County as long as you can come to our meetings.

4-H Statement: Madera County 4-H Youth Program is a non-profit organization for youth who are 9 years old or who have completed the 3rd grade and up to age 19 years of age. All youth and adults in Madera County are invited to participate in the 4-H Program regardless of race, creed, religion, color, national origin, sex, mental or physical handicap.

- Emma Hussey, Coarsegold 4-H Club Reporter