Madera County tax bills online

Madera County Treasurer-Tax Collector Tracy Kennedy has announced that for the first time, county taxpayers will have the ability to view their property tax bill and pay their taxes directly from the county’s website.

“By accessing our webpage,, the taxpayer can select an option to view their tax bill for the prior or current tax year,” Kennedy said. “This new service will allow the user to search for the property either by assessment number or by street address. For privacy purposes the owner’s name will not be shown.”

From the website, users will also be able to view and print a copy of the requested tax bill for their records. From that screen the user can also select which installment(s) they wish to pay by credit card or electronic check. Although there is still a convenience fee attached to paying taxes online, this new tax bill viewing service allows taxpayers to access their tax bill online for any reason and from any computer at no extra charge.

This new online service allows the taxpayer’s payment to be posted and updated to their account immediately. This will also eliminate the possibility of any payment errors in the future.

Taxpayers will still be able to pay by phone for a small convenience fee by calling 1-800-487-4567 or by mail with a check or money order, postmarked by the deadline.

Kennedy has been long concerned with being able to provide constituents with access to their tax information in a user friendly website, while at the same time ensuring that all necessary security features are in place to protect the taxpayer.“We are fans of technology here in the tax collector’s office, and whenever a new process is available that can save staff time, is a benefit to the taxpayer, and secure to use, we are in favor of implementing it,” Kennedy said. “We have taken credit card payments and e-check payments for years now as a convenience to the taxpayer, but this new service option will really provide value to both the taxpayers and my staff.”

Details: (559) 675-7713.