Bench-warrant for Baker lifted

A Fresno County Superior Court Judge nearly threw Harry Baker in jail on Thursday after missing an early morning court hearing.

According to the Fresno Bee, Baker, failed to appear for his competency hearing at Fresno Superior Court Thursday, Sept. 11. The hearing was scheduled to determine Baker’s competency to stand trial.

At the beginning of Thursdays’s early court session Baker was nowhere to be found and his attorney, Roger Nutall, claimed to have no idea why his client was not present.

A bench-warrant issued for Baker’s arrest early Thursday morning was lifted after Baker to turned himself in later that afternoon.

After showing up Thursday afternoon, and apologizing to the court for his absence, Fresno Superior Court Judge Jonathan Conklin let Baker off with a warning.

Conklin made clear to Baker that future no shows would result in immediate jail time for the 86-year-old Oakhurst resident.

During the court session Nutall explained to the judge that Baker did not meet with the court appointed doctors which were previously agreed upon by his lawyers.

However, Conklin was lenient on Baker, after Baker promised to meet with doctors next week.

Baker’s next trial date is set for Tuesday, Sept. 22, where Baker’s competency will be decided.

Baker is accused of committing a lewd act on a 13-year-old girl in a Fresno motel room in 2007 however Baker and his lawyers claim his innocence and say Baker was blackmailed and extorted. Now Baker's attorney’s argue that he is incompetent to stand trial siting a failure to recall the night in question. Baker was released after his arrest in 2007 on $50,000 bail.