Meadow Fire reaches 4,500 acres

The Meadow fire is at 10% containment. The fire is approximately 4532 acres in size. There are 407 firefighters and seven helicopters assigned to the incident.

There is an area Safety Closure remains in effect, by order of the Superintendent of Yosemite National Park and under the authority of Title 36, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 1.5(a) and Section (a)(1):

The areas and features include:

* Little Yosemite Valley

* The John Muir Trail between Little Yosemite Valley and Long Meadow

* All routes on Half Dome including the Cables, NW Regular Route and Snake Dike

* Sunrise and Merced Lake High Sierra Camps and backpackers’ camps

* The Sunrise Trail south of the Tenaya Lake Trail junction

* Clouds Rest, Sunrise Lakes, Emeric Lake and Babcock Lake

Trails and areas that remains open:

* The Mist, John Muir and Panorama Trails to the top of Nevada Falls

* Vogelsang Backpackers’ Camp

* The Tenaya Lake Trail

* Fletcher Creek Trail between Vogelsang and Merced Lake Ranger

A copy of the Safety Closure Notice and a detailed map of the trails and features of the closure can be found on the park web page.

Air quality will continue to be impacted within Yosemite Valley over the next few days as a high pressure system rebuilds over the area.