Aug. 11 Update on French Fire

As of Monday, Aug. 11, the French Fire was 95% contained, after burning 13,835 acres. Personnel of 364 remain on scene to continue fire line suppression repair and mop-up on all parts of the fire.

Interior parts on the northern end of the fire are still showing some isolated heat. The fire continues to cool, but some areas may still produce smoke for several more days. The east perimeter has burned down to the San Joaquin River.

An investigation has concluded that an abandoned campfire near the Rock Creek Campground was the cause of the French Fire. The abandoned campfire was located towards the bottom of Rock Creek Road, near the San Joaquin River.

Investigators are asking for the public’s help for information about anyone who was seen in the area of Rock Creek Road near the San Joaquin River during the afternoon or evening of Sunday July 27. Anyone with information is asked to call (559) 877-2218 ext. 3116.