Woman gives birth at North Fork mini mart

Two Sheriff’s Deputies working the French Fire, broke free from their patrol duties this morning to render aid to a woman who had just given birth in a parking lot on Road 200 in North Fork.

At around 10:20 a.m., FOX 26 (KMPH, Fresno) notified the Madera County Sheriff’s Office asking us to confirm a call the station received that a woman was giving birth in the parking lot of the Bass Fork Mini Mart.

We immediately notified Lt. Tyson Pogue who, along with Detective Kristine Hawk, raced to the location. Roughly 20 minutes they called back, confirmed the report, happily announcing, “It’s a boy!”

With plans to see her doctor, the woman and her husband were headed to relatives to drop off their two children, when she suddenly went into labor.

Both Mom and Madera County’s newest citizen are reportedly fine. They were taken by ambulance to an area hospital. Before leaving the family handed Detective Hawk their cell phone saying they had only one parting request, would she snap a picture of Mom, Dad and their newborn?

We’ll keep you posted should the family decide to share that precious Kodak Moment.

As for Lt. Pogue, he just texted: “Best day ever!”

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