Injured kayaker air lifted to safety

The injured kayaker whose name is being withheld at this time is a 34-year-old Sacramento resident.

According to California Highway Patrol H-40 Air Operations, the kayaker became injured when he reached a lower pool below Balloon Dome and was sucked under the water vertically. He immediately attempted to ditch his kayak – making it most of the way out, with his feet still inside – when he got pulled under a second time. He managed to break free but suffered injuries to both his lower legs during his daring escape.

The incident happened at the base of Balloon Dome (sheer canyon), but H-40 was able to land above the group on flat granite.

The hoist mission was carried out – on board Air Ops were two medics and the Pilot.

The kayakers had registered with Spot Alarm – which enables them to send OK pre-planned messages during their travel, and if needed, can hit the SOS button if in distress.

The SOS signal led CHP directly to the location. There was no need to search. CHP says the signal was literally spot on.

We are sending pictures taken by the Air Ops crew and we ask that you photo credit: “CHP H-40 Air Operations.”

Sheriff John Anderson extended his appreciation to the CHP H-40 Air OP crew and again credits the messaging device the Kayak Team had that helped make this swift operation a success.

The injured kayaker was taken to CRMC – Community Regional Medical Center.