Star columnist has first novel published

Sierra Star “Ponder This” columnist T.R. Williams, daughter of Scott E. and Barbara Williams, has her first novel, “One Last Ride,” published and the novel is now available at Branches Books in Oakhurst and also online at

At the tender age of 10, T.R. Williams found herself insatiably drawn to the written word. Venturing from her home each Saturday to the Oakhurst Public Library, she would spend countless hours perusing the aisles, admiring the works of Anne Frank, Helen Keller, reading Heidi three times, and surprisingly often even adventuring into the bold realm of the beloved Jane Austen’s literary works.

Though she loved to read, deep within her stirred an overwhelming desire to put pen to paper and create her very own stories. Before long, countless journals were filled with short stories, poetry, and prose. Her love of literature languished none as she graduated from Yosemite High School, and continued her studies at FCC, majoring in photojournalism.

Soon after relocating to Fresno, Williams found herself working three jobs to make ends meet, eventually being forced to choose between her education and survival.

“Life has a funny way of steering us off course sometimes,” she said. “We have to stay focused or we simply lose sight of our dreams.”

After marrying and raising two step-daughters, Williams closed her Clovis gift shop, returning to the mountain community with her husband to build their dream ranch.

Tragically, just nine short months later, Williams was struck down on Highway 41 in a near-fatal collision with an inattentive tourist driving a rental RV, rendering her incapacitated for nearly two years. But as fate might have it, her husband gifted her a new laptop, and from that desolate place her love of writing was rekindled.

“It just felt right,” Williams said. “The words seemed to effortlessly flow. Before I knew it, I had written two manuscripts and several roughly-drafted children’s books. My creativity was magically reawakened.”

Following her recovery, Williams was offered the opportunity to join the Sierra Star staff as an opinions columnist.

“Having such a blessed opportunity to be a part of our local paper gave me the confidence to further pursue publishing my works,” Williams said. “I cannot thank the Sierra Star enough for seeing something worthy in my writing, for so graciously offering me the chance to live my dream, and fostering my courage to pursue publishing.”

From tragedy arises triumph, as Williams celebrates the release “One Last Ride.” Kindle editions are also available and expanded distribution of the book will take place in the next few weeks.

The first novel in the trilogy, “Loves True Destiny,” offers more than simply another romantic tale, but rather a fast-paced exploration of the human spirit, written for women and men alike.

Williams’ unique weaving of story and enigmatically chosen prose pleasantly entertains. “One Last Ride” perfectly marries tragedy, passion and unexpected truths with cleverly played witty humor, and intuitiveness. “One Last Ride” is an enthralling tale of emotionally charged intrigue.

Autographed copies are available through the author’s website —

Branches Books of Oakhurst, 40282 Highway 41 (Junction Plaza), will host Williams for a book signing, 6-7 p.m., Wednesday, May 28.