Adventist services similar to Urgent Care

A few months ago, it was announced that Adventist Health would be assuming ownership of the Urgent Care in Oakhurst. Rumors about lack of medical services in the Mountain Area ran rampant. Now, with the switch little more than one month away, the transition continues to run according to plan.

“We recognize there has been a lot of anxiety over this,” Christine Pickering, communications director for Adventist Health said, “and have been working with staff and community members to ensure a smooth transition. I think residents will be relieved to learn that we will be offering services similar to Urgent Care.”

Pickering has created a Power Point presentation, which she has used as a tool during talks before area groups, to compare services. Future presentations include the Soroptomist Club, as well as at the next Town Hall meeting in Coarsegold on April 24.

“We’ve appreciated the opportunity to talk face-to-face with community members, and have felt very welcomed,” Pickering said. “Those we’ve met seem encouraged to learn that current and planned health care services are very similar.”

Adventist Health has 25 years of experience in rural health, and is the second largest hospital-based rural health clinic system in the U.S. Their rural health clinics are designed to build relationships with patients for continuity of care.

“We want everyone to be able to manage their medical conditions close to home,” Pickering explained, “and we’re willing to adapt our model, based on community needs. We usually don’t have RNs in rural areas, but will have RNs in Oakhurst.”

In the past, when other locations have joined the Adventist group, the focus has been retaining as many staff members, physicians and other providers as possible, as well as adding supplementary services and providers.

Even though the services offered will be similar to the existing services, Pickering reminded residents, “If you think your life is in danger, don’t waste time driving somewhere — call 911.”

Attached to this article is a table comparing services Urgent Care currently offers and the services Adventist Health will offer once they take over the facility June 1.

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Download a pdf copy of comparison between Urgent Care and Adventist Care.