Coarsegold 4-H participates in Large Animal Expo

The 4-H Large Animal Expo is a competition for 4-H members, who are actively enrolled in a meat goat, swine, sheep, dairy cattle, dairy goat and/or beef projects. The expo is a countywide event that is designed specifically for members to showcase what they have been learning at their animal project meetings. There are four different skills levels for each project animal.

At the expo, there is a Feed identification table, where competitors must identify the different types of grains; an equipment ID table, where competitors need to identify the equipment used within their project; a livestock judging station, where you must properly judge four animals from within your project, ranking them from best to worst; and a skills ring, where competitors must demonstrate the proper techniques for catching, mouthing, carding, and set-up of their project animal.

Local Coarsegold 4-H had nine competitors and this is how they did: Emma Hussey - Level 2 Medal, Eden Hussey - Level 2 Medal, Larissa Garcia - Level 1 Medal, Shayleen Garcia - Level 1 Certificate, Jenna Annis - Level 2 Certificate, Katie Colan - Level 1 Certificate, Alexis Ayala - Level 1 Medal, Savanna Gonzalez - Level 1 Medal, Suzanna Gonzalez - Level 1 Medal.

Anyone interested in joining a great program, please contact the Madera County 4-H Office at 559-675-7879 ex: 7202. Madera County 4-H Youth Program is a non-profit organization for youth who are 9 years old or who have had completed third grade and up to 19 years of age. All youth and adults in Madera County are invited to participate in the 4-H Program regardless of race, creed, religion, color, national origin, sex, mental or physical handicap.[/TEXT]

Suzanna Gonzalez, Coarsegold 4-H Reporter