Minarets teams with E.E.O. to host 5k fundraiser

Etheridge Educational Outreach (E.E.O.) is once again teaming up with seniors from Minarets and Yosemite High School for important S.L.E. (Senior Legacy Experience) Projects.

Last year E.E.O. partnered with Minaret’s senior student on a project to bring a young lady from Ghana, Africa, as an exchange student to attend Minarets. The fundraisers included a “Koffee for Kubi” night as well as “Holiday Food Festival” – complete with great food, a chili kick off with local fire department chapters and lots of boutique items for sale from local entrepreneurs. Enough money was raised for her airfare and medical insurance. However, there was much to learn about the visa process from another country. After paying three visa fees and even getting our local congressman’s office involved, as well as Kubi and her brother taking long hard bus rides to the town of Accra for the interview at the Embassy (12 hours each way), Kubi’s visa was denied every time. It was disappointing and heart wrenching for her to go through it, but we believe that all things work together for good, so it was decided to save the money to send her to college in her own home country, where in fact the money will go farther for her education. Kubi is now graduating from high school there in Ghana and has applied to Nursing School. Her life will be changed forever and she now has hope for a future and a job due to the generosity of our community.

This year’s event will be a 5k walk/run (color run) and money raised will go to support a clean water project aimed at benefiting the people in a village of Ghana, Africa.

Early sign-ups before April 16, will receive a $5 off the regular price of $20 for students and $25 for adults up until the day before the race. Sign-ups the day of the race will be $25 for students and and $30 for adults. The race will begin at 9 a.m. Saturday May 3, at Minarets High School.

The main purpose of E.E.O. is to help educate under privileged youth. However, the more we have learned about the life the kids live in the remote villages, it is clear that education is very difficult when the kids (especially the girls) spend most of their day fetching water from the river. There is no clean water and the diseases and skin infections are horrible things they deal with on a daily basis. Once the money has been raised for this project, it will be implemented by one of our American contacts living in that region. He is a missionary to Ghana from Yosemite Lakes Community Church and is our “boots on the ground.” He will be heading up the project and teaching the people of the village how to maintain the well, classes on hygiene, and much more!

Seniors involved in the project this year are: Lina Rapp and Lisa Mueller (German foreign exchange students), and Rylee Jackson and Irma Ortiz, from Minarets H.S. as well as Hope Akubue, from YHS.

E.E.O. is a project based missionary extension program of Yosemite Lakes Community Church. For information on our project and how to send a tax free donation, or to be involved in the 5k run, please contact Carlene Schrank at 559-658-7042.

Minarets High Correspondent