Sheriff's Office announces Deputy of the Year

Sheriff John Anderson today announced Deputy Jack Williamson has been named Deputy of the Year.Deputy Williamson, a 16-year veteran with the Madera County Sheriff’s Office, signed on in 1998. In his 16 years of service, nine were spent as a detective with the Sheriff’s Mountain Division.

Those who know and work alongside Williamson describe him as a rare find. “He’s quiet and unassuming with an exemplary work ethic.”

Williamson serves the people of Eastern Madera County where he has investigated burglaries, forgeries, thefts, and also provides MADNET vital assistance during eradication missions.

When he was assigned to the Mountain Detective Unit, he handled most, if not all of the division’s sexual assault cases, identity theft and child abuse cases.

In fact, it was Williamson who got the Sheriff’s Office involved with ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children).In 2011 Jack received acclaim for successfully investigating one of the most difficult molestation cases against a man who would eventually be sentenced to what amounted to life in prison.

Jack was even dubbed the department’s internet sleuth when investigating a fraud case involving an internet scam that he eventually traced to Russia.

Jack continues to serve in the department’s specialty units, which include, Search & Rescue, Dive/Swift Water Team, Snowmobile Team, and Technical Rescue Team, which he helped establish.

When Jack’s not saving lives and catching criminals, he volunteers his time to community projects.In 2011 he achieved instant fame and notoriety when he launched a fundraising campaign to raise awareness about a young boy with Cerebral Palsy, who dreamed of one day running a marathon.

Even though the 8-year-old could neither walk nor talk, he had an amazing zest for life and Jack knew the child longed to experience the thrill of marathons and that “Runner’s High, ” that many athletes experience during endurance events.An avid runner himself, Jack made it his mission to raise enough funds to purchase a wheelchair (Axiom outdoor medical mobility push chair) so that the two of them could compete as a pair in the annual Smokey Bear Run held every year at Bass Lake.

The boy’s family embraced the plan, and race coordinator, Ken Takeuchi, gave Jack the green light to compete with his 8-year-old partner in the 10K race.

Jack met his goal and purchased the wheelchair just in time for the big race.When asked about that endeavor, Jack said his determination to make this child’s dream come true, came from a profound respect and admiration he had for a boy who had one of the most compelling stories of survival.

These few reasons alone explain why Deputy Jack Williamson was voted, by his peers, as Deputy of the Year.As stated in one of the comments submitted to the Sheriff, to explain why Deputy Williamson was so deserving of this honor, “I vote Jack because he has given selflessly while he was a Detective in the mountains. He has shown the same compassion as a deputy, and applies his detective skills on the street.”

“He deserves to be recognized for not only his dedication to duty, but his service to our community as well,” said Sheriff Anderson.

Madera County Sheriff's Office