First installment of property taxes collected and posted

According to Madera County Treasurer-Tax Collector Tracy Kennedy Desmond, Madera County collected over $79 million consisting of mostly first installments and some second installments of property taxes.

Kennedy Desmond said her department completed posting all of the Dec. 10, mail and payments by Dec. 20, “What was time consuming this year was that we received an inordinate amount of over-payments”, stated Kennedy Desmond, “hundreds of taxpayers mistakenly paid their first installments including penalties. “Our tax bill format has not changed, so we are unsure why the large amounts of over-payments were made. “We will have to process a refund for each over-payment, so if you think you overpaid your taxes, you will not receive a refund until after Jan. 20, 2014.”

We also had an unusually large amount of walk in traffic during this deadline. On Monday and Tuesday Dec. 9, and Dec. 10, over 2,700 property tax transactions were handled from over the counter transactions with our current staffing levels; representing over $3 million in payments.” stated Kennedy Desmond, “remember that is walk in traffic onlydoes not include any mail. This kind of personal delivery is unheard of”.

My Dedicated and experienced staff deserve credit for handling this kind of volume”, stated Kennedy-Desmond, “they really out did themselves. Madera County taxpayers should be very proud of them, I know I certainly am.” Of the $79 million collected in property taxes, more than 85% will be apportioned to the various Madera County School Districts and the two cities, Madera and Chowchilla.

Many taxpayers took advantage of paying their taxes with a credit card, we processed nearly 1,000 transactions totaling over $1.3 million dollars in tax payments”, this is the largest number of credit card payments we have ever taken. Many people chose this payment option even though a convenience fee is charged to the credit card holder. The next tax deadline is April 10. Payments must be postmarked by April 10, 2014, to avoid penalties. For questions regarding this news release, please contact Dan Garcia at 675 7713.

- Madera County Office of Treasurer/Tax Collector