Unusual book signing

Unusual book signingThe “craziest book signing ever (mudorama-style)” will be held on Monday, Dec. 23 from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. in Oakhurst.

Come splash through the goo, roll in the mud, and swing over puddles. Wear your camo, bring your foam weapons and shields, and get ready to go home wet, muddy and happy. Your mission? To race through 10 thoroughly muddy obstacles and get the secret code from Melanie, Tim and Ginger Prentice, who will give the code (sign books) at the end of the mudfest. Homemade smoke bombs and goop will fly through the air, and your child/children will have a great time, guaranteed.

The Best Dinner I Never Ate, written by Lori Prentice is the true story of the Prentice family’s stumble into helping people who are homeless by bringing them into their own home. Books are $14.99 plus tax. If you can’t afford to purchase a book, one will be given to your church library. This book has the power to inspire kids to reach out during this season of giving.

“So stop by 49997 Pierce Drive in Oakhurst to share in the Christmas spirit, have some muddy fun, and support a local unofficial ministry trying to help people climb out of crisis,” Lori said. “Parents can come and play, too. We need people to ambush kids, shoot foam bullets their way, and cause havoc on the trail,” Lori said. “And kids, come ready to do some push-ups and attend the most unusual book-signing ever.