Shooter update

While the investigation into yesterday’s case of attempted murder on a Peace Officer continues, Sheriff John Anderson says Sheriff’s Detectives counted at least 44 shots fired from a pickup during a pursuit that started near Chowchilla.

Abel Andrew Ramos sits behind bars now facing multiple counts of Attempted Murder on a Peace Officer, armed with a firearm while in the commission of a felony, and possession of stolen property. His bail is currently set at $1.05 million.Mario Estevan Valdez (who was reportedly driving the truck) remains jailed for Accessory to attempted murder, Recklessly Evading a Peace Officer and receiving stolen property. His bail has been set at $1 million.

16 weapons were recovered, including a revolver stashed in their motel room. Additionally, Detectives seized a compound bow, three pellet guns, and 200 rounds of ammunition, along with a propane heater, camping gear, jewelry, US currency, and a passport.

Detectives say most of the recovered property was stolen from a home off Highway 41 in Coarsegold on Thanksgiving Day.

Both suspects are listed as Gang Associates and Drug Users with extensive records.

Ramos:Oct. 24, 2013 – arrested for probation violationMarch 26, 2013 – arrested for possession of narcotics, 10-year firearm restriction, arrested for probation violation, felon in possession of a firearm, carrying a concealed weaponDec. 24, 2012 – arrested for vehicle theft, 10-year firearm restriction, possession of a controlled substance, vehicle theftNov. 18, 2012 – arrested for carrying a loaded firearm with a prior felony conviction, possession of a controlled substance, vehicle theftSept. 25, 2011 – witness tampering, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violenceJuly 27, 2011 – arrested for failure to pay a fine, reckless driving,July 26, 2011 – arrested for injuring wireless communication, domestic violenceAug. 16, 2009 – arrested for DUI

Valdez:Oct. 19, 2013 – arrested for possession of a controlled substance, recklessly evading a Peace OfficerApril 3, 2013 – arrested for receiving stolen propertyFeb. 20, 2013 – arrested for possession of a controlled substance, transport a controlled substanceInvestigations into the Coarsegold burglary and yesterday’s attempted murder on a Peace Officer are still ongoing.Additionally, based on evidence Madera Sheriff Detectives have gathered so far, they believe the pair may have been involved in other thefts and burglaries as well.Anyone who may have information is urged to call the Madera County Sheriff’s Office at 559-675-7770 or CRIME STOPPERS at 498-STOP.