Warren sentenced for one-punch death blow

The Madera County Superior Court has imposed a lengthysentence on Johnathan Warren for his assault causing the death of Paul Carranza,according to Michael R. Keitz, District Attorney for Madera County.

On a July evening last year, Carranza, 57, of Madera was at Courthouse Park withfriends when a fight broke out between Warren, 41, and Theodore Hernandez, 40, all ofwhom are from Madera. Following the fight, Carranza went to BJ’s Liquor at 4th Streetand Gateway Drive in Madera. On the way, he was observed by Warren who followedhim to the store. When Carranza got out of his vehicle, Warren stepped up to him, andpunched him in the face. Carranza fell backwards, striking his head on the ground,which rendered him unconscious. Carranza later died of his head injuries at CommunityRegional Medical Center in Fresno.

Last week, the Madera Superior Court sentenced Warren to 9 years in state prison.

“The senseless death in this case is an example of the tragic consequences that canhappen from uncontrolled anger and revenge,” said District Attorney Keitz