Scammers hit area lodging

Multiple Mountain Area hotels are being targeted by scammers, warned Jarrod Lyman, Director of PR for the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau. The scammers call a lodging and ask for a room number. Once they make contact with a guest, they pose as the front lobby staff, claiming that they need to re-run the credit card information again and ask for the card number.

“This is not a new scam per se,” said Lyman. “I’ve seen various versions of this come and go over the years, but we are nipping it in the bud.”

The Visitors Bureau learned of this scam Oct. 22 and an immediate alert was posted. Area lodging is taking protective measures by warning guests. One hotelier is requiring that the caller provide the name of the guest they are trying to reach to ensure the legitimacy of the call versus a scam.

This is currently under investigation; no additional details are available at this time.