Fire near Pro-Flame propane

Flames as tall as 75-feet could be seen from Highway 49 as a fire broke out Friday, Sept. 20 around 11:30 a.m. near Oak Park Way in Oakhurst.

The fire that threatened buildings in the area burned for 15 minutes and torched nearly a 1/2-acre as it quickly engulfed trees and bushes.

Owners and employees used personal hoses to wet the grounds near their businesses as a precautionary measure the prevent the spread of the fire.

The fire burned next to, and around, several propane tanks in the area of Pro-Flame propane, causing concern for a potential explosion.

At least six engines including five state and one federal, were called to the scene and firefighters worked diligently to contain and clean-up the fire that could have potentially caused major damage.

The fire was extinguished without incident and no report has been given yet on the cause of the fire.