Baby “Woodsy” Owls discovered on the Carstens Fire

Firefighters working on the Carstens Fire Wednesday, June 19 had the opportunity to save two young Great Horned Owls in the Sierra National Forest.

The Stanislaus National Forest Engine Crews were supporting burnout operations near the Buckhingham Mountain area when the baby owls were found. They were on the ground next to a fallen tree in an area where containment lines were being put in by dozers in order to protect the surrounding communities. The site was flagged off and identified for avoidance.

Later that evening, biologist Anae Otto of the Bass Lake Ranger District, Sierra National Forest, retrieved both owls and took them to a local facility for rehabilitation where they are now doing well. The baby great horned owls will be returned to the wild once they are healthy enough to return to their natural habitat.