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2018 Yosemite Sierra Visitors Guide

We have kicked off our efforts to create our 2018 Yosemite Sierra Visitors Guide. This year we’re asking for your input to make this edition the best ever and yet again the best travel tool for our visitors to use in exploring the Madera County and Yosemite areas. 

Our 2018 theme is “Road Trips”.

We are looking for photographs and stories of locals people doing their favorite activity in the area, either inside or outside the park, for all four seasons (we will be highlighting these things for each season). The broad categories defined are the following:

  • Wineries & Agri-Tourism
  • Bass Lake
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Yosemite
  • Museums & Historical Tours

So think outside the box! What have you seen and done that impressed you the most? What is the most fun you’ve had inside Yosemite? What would you consider “must-see, must-do” activities in our area? Any special secrets you can (or have) imparted to our guests? We’d like photos of things you’ve done that are outside the norm, off the beaten path, in seasons where guests don’t usually visit. You are the experts, and we want to share your expertise.

Submission Deadline : September 8, 2017

The easiest way to submit your photos is to send us a link to your online web gallery. If you need to setup a login/password for us to view your submission please use the email and Previews of images can also be emailed to or submit on CD for review and selection. Due to the size needed on final images do not send full resolutions as the sizes needed are very large.

Learn more about the area from the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau, their website is: