T. R. Williams

The brighter side of things

I shall recall, in crisp detail, the day I received my cancer diagnosis for the rest of my earthly existence.

There’s something so chilling about the well-practiced verse of a doctor when delivering such life-altering news. Regardless of how impeccable these masters of remedy bedside manners might be, no matter how bathed in compassion their efforts, the unnerving fact is you’re left grasping for even an ounce of certainty, struggling to merely catch your breath.

With the conveyance of such life-altering news, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do your best not to run away and hide.

It’s impossible to change the cards we each are dealt. They are ours and ours alone, and sadly we often have little say in them. The stinging truth, however brutally honest, is that the fashion in which we each react to these challenges encountered along life’s journey is more imperative than the very trials themselves.

This existence we each claim our own brings with it great joys, suffocating blows, and myriads of experiences that inevitably shape us into the masterpieces we become. Our very reactions in the wake of these life-altering moments chip away at the forms we are born to, inevitably revealing the precise characters we are within.

Sculptors of self, we each develop and mature whilst traveling life’s adventuresome paths, literally forged by the reactions to the vexing stretches we face.

My dances with fate have mercifully proved less daunting than I recognize they could have, still each and every waltz offered its own distinguished mark - its own notable stain upon the canvas of my life.

I have observed from the sidelines lately as countless friends and loved ones are confronting their own daunting life-altering trials. Each valiantly facing what fate has sprung upon them with abiding bravery, infinite poise, and distinguishing dignity, refusing to toss in the towel. These brave souls more true of heart, their tenacity and fortitude deeper still, hearts evermore filled with grace.

From the ashes of adversity rise new creatures, evolved for making the best of seemingly impossible situations. There’s a fine line drawn here midst the insanity adversity brings - we must merely choose how we shall respond.

Strength arises from conquering that which one thinks impossible. Adversity puts everything in perspective, nurtures fortitude for the days ahead, and lends compassion for others in their time of need as well.

If not for the bad times how might we fully appreciate the good? Isn’t this the natural process of human beings?