Thank you, Sandee

Sandee Scott has written most of the Keep Our Mountains Beautiful (KOMB) articles for the Sierra Star for the past three years, and alternated with Susie Tomlinson, Judy Linda Horn and Jean Russell the previous six years.

Always interesting, Sandee’s articles have kept our mountain communities informed of efforts to clean up, reduce, reuse and recycle for everyone’s benefit.

Sandee, Judy Linda and Susie started KOMB in 2003. Sandee was picking up litter in Coarsegold. Susie and Judy Linda were organizing cleanups in North Fork. The three decided all of Eastern Madera County could benefit from cleanups.

KOMB’s primary goal is “to promote responsible stewardship of the land and resources of Eastern Madera County,” with the objectives of promoting a litter-free environment, increasing recycling efforts and opportunities, and improving and beautifying our surroundings.

“We’ve had a mixed response over the years to our calls for volunteers and have had anywhere from three people show up to around two dozen when a boy scout troop or a football team lent a hand,” Sandee said. “We have about 80 people on our email list with a core planning group of about 10 people.

“I cannot stand the sight of roadside litter anywhere, but especially in our beautiful mountain area. It totally detracts from the natural beauty. I’m actually a bit of a litter-picker- upper-addict and typically cannot pass up litter when I’m walking down the road or just walking to the grocery store from the parking lot. Also, I believe in the power of like-minded citizens making a difference in our community, and KOMB members have done that by removing literally thousands of pounds of trash from our roadways.”.

Sandee once found a plate on the road. The interesting thing was that it wasn’t chipped or cracked. It was in perfect condition, she noted. And, on two occasions, she has found a $20 bill.

Her two pet peeves are cigarette butt litter at number one, and second is people throwing trash in their truck bed thinking they are not littering, when as soon as the vehicle hits 45 miles per hour, the items invariably end up on the roadside.

“We must teach our children - the next generation - to care for and take pride in the environment, to know the importance of recycling, and to not litter,” Sandee concluded.

I will take over writing KOMB articles going forward.

The next KOMB meeting will be held 6:30 p.m, Aug. 24 at Round Table Pizza. All are welcome.

Details: komb4emc@gmail.com, or Sandee Scott at (559) 760-1058.