Miscellaneous Musings

By Sandee Scott

Why do some countries have spotless streets and parks while others are known for their littered public spaces? If you should see something falling off or blowing out of the back of your truck while you’re driving, will you stop and pick it up?

Who out there thinks an empty aluminum can tossed in the bed of a pickup truck is actually going to stay in the truck bed once the vehicle hits 45 miles per hour?

Who are all those people who leave or throw or drop their beverage containers in parking lots? Are they also the ones who can’t be bothered to appropriately “park” their shopping carts, leaving them to block the parking spot I was about to use?

What is the personality of a litterer? Research shows that a typical litterer is under 30 years old, and as we’re seeing with criminal behavior, not restricted to the male species.

How about personality? Responsible or irresponsible? Thoughtful or thoughtless? Caring or uncaring? Considerate or inconsiderate? Someone who demonstrates social intelligence, fairness, self- regulation, or not?

Are you a smoker? Do you dispose of your cigarette butts (or other tobacco products) responsibly? Did you know that 38% of all U.S. roadway litter is related to tobacco products (mostly butts, but also chewless tobacco containers and cigarette packaging)?

Road 222 from Highway 41 to Bass Lake, and parts of Roads 432, 274 and the road near the transfer station were cleaned up by a dozen KOMB members/supporters Sept. 16-18. Four pickup truck beds were filled with trash. In the interest of being efficient, many cigarette butts were left behind. How many of those butts could have potentially started a fire? How long will it take for the area to get trashy again?

Eastern Madera County is home to about 30,000 people. Let’s say 20,000 (don’t know the actual number) are adults. Out of all those people how is it only 12 or so show up for roadside litter cleanups? You say if you had known about it you would have come? Cleanups are usually posted in the Sierra Star. To keep informed, “like” our Facebook page or join KOMB to be put on our email list. To be a supporting member, send annual dues of $10 for individual/$15.00 for family or business, to KOMB, P.O.Box 354, Oakhurst, 93644 and include your contact information.

Our next cleanup is scheduled for 1 p.m., Oct. 23, when we’ll tackle Road 426. Meet in the Sierra Star parking lot. All volunteers welcome.

The next KOMB meeting is 6 p.m., Oct. 27 Round Table Pizza. Free pizza to all KOMB supporters, members, contributors and anyone who has ever volunteered for a KOMB cleanup event. RSVP to komb4emc@gmail.com.

Lastly, the first person to respond with a thoughtful comment to any of the above musings (write to komb4emc@gmail.com) will win a KOMB t-shirt.