Debby Carter

The real Teafords

Anyone who can identify this family photo taken at Teaford is asked to call the Sierra Star.
Anyone who can identify this family photo taken at Teaford is asked to call the Sierra Star. Sierra Star / Fresno Flats Archives

NOTE: Correction to Remember When compiled by Debby Carter from the archives of Fresno Flats Research Library and the Sierra Star.

In a recent Remember When column in the Sierra Star (Nov. 17, 2016 edition), I featured a photo of what I understood to be the George Teaford family. After that photo appeared in the Sierra Star, a gentleman named Martin Wallace contacted me about it.

He is a descendent of George Teaford, and even lived in the old Teaford ranch house as a child. Mr. Wallace believed that the photo was not the Teaford family.

After further research, I found another photo in the Fresno Flats archives that was also labeled Teaford. When I showed this photo to Mr. Wallace, he immediately recognized the man in front with the cane as George Teaford. After consulting with his family, he was able to furnish me with more information.

The young man in the picture is Taylor Teaford, Sr., and the lady next to him, behind the young girl, is his wife, Pearl Morris Teaford. The young girl is Mary Jane Howe. The other lady is Florence Teaford Seabury, and the boy in front of her is Bill Seabury.

George Teaford originally settled in Crane Valley, where he met and married his wife, Mary Susan Sharpton. When the dam was built and the valley flooded, he moved to the area now known as Teaford Meadow Lakes. His property extended from there all the way to Road 226 in North Fork. His family was especially known for their apple production.

George holds the distinction of being the only Madera County supervisor to serve in two different districts at two different times. In 1902, he was elected and served one term as supervisor from District 4. In 1926, he was elected supervisor from District 5.

Is there anybody out there who knows who the people in the other photo are? It was obviously taken at the same location. One possibility is the Sam Westfall family.

If you can help with this identification, contact the Sierra Star.