Floral artistry

Once a month, Sweet Dreams Cakes & Flowers turns into a fun-filled workshop, where attendees play with the ideas of floristry and baking while learning arts inherent in each craft.

Inside its Oakhurst location on Highway 49, a dozen students at the most recent class listened last week as owner Laura Zabicki, along with employee Allyson Blayney, explained the art of creating a wedding centerpiece.

“First, you’re going to want your greens for the base, like this right here,” Zabicki said, holding up some buckeye. “Then once you’ve got that set up, you can add in some colors to really give it a bright contrast and help balance it out.”

Participants watched while sipping wine and enjoying a selection of cheeses or fruits, then set to creating their own centerpieces while chatting happily with others as they put their creations to life.

“I think this will really catch on,” Michael Costa said. “It’s a really interesting way to learn a new skill, and it’s a very enjoyable way to have some fun.”

Zabicki, co-owner of Crab Cakes Restaurant, said she decided to start the classes late last year for community exposure and to properly utilize her time while out of the typical wedding season.

“This isn’t a huge moneymaker or anything like that, it’s really more about the community,” Zabicki said. “I enjoy it, it’s a fun thing for us to do. They make things that last and they get to take it home, then they can use those skills on their own.”

Zabicki said should demand for the classes remain, she’ll work on continuing them through the busy Summer season.

Sweet Dreams Cakes & Flowers specializes in custom cakes and gourmet desserts for weddings and other events, along with floral arrangements.

Its next class, which will instruct guests in how to decorate high-quality cupcakes, will be held from 6 p.m. to 7:30 Wednesday, March 9, for $50. Supplies, as well as wine and refreshments are included.

Details: (559) 641-7606, 40114 Suite A Highway 49,