Onward to first

Grandfather John Lassos was excited to see the youngest of his grandsons graduate from kindergarten.

“The timing is amazing,” he said. “Greyson (Evans) will graduate today to first grade, and another grandson, Chase (Lassos) just graduated from Yosemite High.”

John was one of about 100 guests to fill the Wasuma Elementary School cafeteria last week, all to celebrate the kindergartners promotion to first grade.

Parents held bouquets of flowers, and helium balloons with congratulatory messages. They juggled cameras, cell phones, and tablets to catch that perfect shot of their little student.

“First I want to thank the teachers, Mrs. Cooley and Mrs. Peterson, for all their hard work with the kindergartners,” Principal Jason Mercier said. “We’re excited for what the next eight years will bring for them at Wasuma.”

In keeping with the graduation theme of camping, (the graduates were dressed in camping attire), Mercier added, “I hope you came with s’mores and sleeping bags.”

As the song, “I Hope you Dance” played, the 27 graduates walked singly down the aisle, taking a moment to stand on a small step and wave to the crowd, before taking center stage.

Poems were read, songs were sung, and a slide show covering the school year, with each graduate dressed in cap and gown, was shown.

A personal brief statement was read during the promotional walk, with each graduate named, presented with a flower, and then leaving the stage to sit with, and receive hugs and kisses from proud family and friends.

Their individual statements ended with what each kindergartner wanted to be “when they grow up.” Responses included: “ninja, princess, rock star just like my mom, fireman, doctor, mommy, astronaut,” ... and then there was the one that drew giggles and laughs from the crowd - simply ... “an adult.”