Donuts with Dad

Giavanna Powell, Oakhurst Elementary School fourth-grader, sat contentedly next to her grandfather Gene Karnes, finishing off a donut. Giavanna is his first grandchild, and as of June 3, she has another baby sister.

First-grader Toni Devito, sat on dad, Mike’s lap, without a care in the world. Mike said there really are no words to describe being a father, and left it at that.

Holding his coffee cup, Jason Pollock watched son Aiden, a transitional kindergartner, expertly maneuver monkey bars. Along with Aiden, he has children ages 16 and 3.

“Being a father is challenging, but rewarding,” Jason said. “It’s great to see the world through their eyes, and to watch them grow.”

Dad Jarett Lopez came out with his father, Walt, to enjoy the morning with first-grader, Wyatt.

“I love every part of being a dad,” Jarett said, “especially stuff like this.”

“Stuff like this” entailed dads gathering with their OES student(s) for a morning where gallons of orange juice were poured, cups of coffee were dispensed, and 400 donuts were savored at extended picnic tables. Just as in the past, Larsen Brothers offered a free 5x7 photo to each family.

For six years, Donuts with Dad, a precursor for Father’s Day, has been a special treat on the OES campus. This year’s event was spearheaded by Parent Teacher Club Officers Caroline Franklin and Charlene Henson.

“This brings families together, and the school receives many compliments on how much they love it,” OES Principal Kathryn Murphy said. “The dads, the grandpas, the uncles ... they all come out ... it’s so much fun to see them chit-chatting with other dads.”

Once the donuts were consumed, the sugar wiped from tiny faces, the energy half-spent playing on monkey bars, swinging high, or jumping and running, dads walked their child(ren)to their classrooms.

“Bye, Papa” and “I love you” resonated between the walls as both child and parent began their weekday.

Walking to his car, face beaming with happiness, one dad said to himself, more than anyone else, “no better way to start the day.”