Pure magic

Once upon a time in the Rivergold Elementary School’s outdoor amphitheater, wolves howled and danced with Little Red Riding Hoods to the 1960s classic, “Hey there Little Red Riding Hood.” Dorothy, wearing her ruby slippers, held a small basket with Toto inside, while the heartless Tin Man carried a small oil can and the cowardly lion searched for his courage. The big bad wolf huffed and puffed taking down the straw and stick homes, but the brick house remained standing and the three little pigs huddled safe inside. Pinocchio, who had been fibbing quite a bit given the length of his nose, had some trouble maneuvering without woodcarver and inventor Gepetto pulling his strings.

This year’s Fairy Tale Ball commenced with the Rivergold campus transformed into a magical kingdom - complete with a ship (built by Mike Aceves), banners, flowers and myraid of colorful fairy tale characters. Family and friends gathered to applaud the kindergartners through third graders who took the stage during the event, which began in 1995. Since the kindergartner class has been added as participants, the ball will now be held every four years so that all the students in the primary grades can experience the “magic” just once.

Proud parents and grandparents remarked on the radiant smiles of their little “stars.” A couple of families, new to Rivergold, commented that there is no school like it. And then, at the end of the day, everyone scattered to the privacy of their “castles,” and lived happily ever after.