Expressive artistry

Yosemite High School art students have been tirelessly preparing for the annual exhibit at Badger Gallery, located in the center of the campus.

Ten of the 16 students participating are part of the International Baccalaureate program, in which high school students can produce college level work within the high school setting. These IB students created works that pertain to specific, individualized topics.

Artist Rachel Arroyo is excited to have returned to art during her senior year. Because of scheduling conflicts, she was unable to participate in art classes during her sophomore and junior years. Using a coupling of painting and sculptures, Arroyo’s subject for the exhibit is feminism.

“I’m really into it,” Arroyo said, “The IB art program has helped me enhance my skills and learn new ones. It’s about finding your own art style, and exhibiting individual art works. Women are not equal, and I’m trying to bring up that fact through my art. I find it humorous that there’s all this talk of equal pay, equality in the workplace, but it’s still not happening, even today.”

IB senior Jewel Crosson’s art conveys the message “Be aware, not ignorant.”

“I feel passionate about the loss of creativity due to technology, about unequal distribution of wealth in our world,” Crosson said. “My art is a form of activism. People are zombie-like because technology - cell phones, computers - can take over lives and minds.”

Depression was on junior Elena Conklin’s mind. Since everyone inevitably has gone through or will go through depression, her artwork symbolizes what depressed people feel. Junior Asa Frost focused on beauty around the world, saying that everyone is beautiful just for being themselves. Rebekka Nielson, junior, centers on expression of the soul through the eye, which shows emotions and who people are.

“It is a privilege to facilitate these 16 young art students as they explore and investigate complex global and cultural concerns. The result of their focused efforts is an engaging art exhibit. These students began the school year with a visual arts question, which they explored and researched,” YHS Art Instructor Carol Hendrickson said. “Come meet all the artists at our open house. This is an exciting exhibit presenting a wide spectrum of well-thought-out investigations concerning current cultural and global issues.”

The students, 10 IB and six advanced placement, will display their artwork and be onhand at the open house/reception, 3-6 p.m., May 4.

The Art Exhibit opens April 27 and runs through May 15, during school hours.