Step In My Garden

Step into In My Garden and the smell of Roasted Espresso, the number one candle wax seller, wafting invitingly through the air into an expansive, colorfully decorated open space.

Enjoy a cup of freshly-brewed Fabianos coffee and a cookie (sometimes home-made) while browsing the different sections, including candle, angel, bear, garden, and doll.

As of Jan. 1, the Purple Cow transitioned to In My Garden, although the sign and name hasn’t officially changed yet.

The new owners, Kerwin and Linda Duerksen, of Fresno, have supplied 98% of the store’s stock for the past nine years, and with the original owner, Charlie Davis, experiencing health issues, it was a logical change in ownership.

Davis owned the Purple Cow for 24 years, since 1991. Prior to that, he and his father, Kenneth, ran a lumber yard/hardware store in the same location.

Linda first connected with Davis when she provided hand-made bird houses for his shop in the late 90s.

When the Duerksens decided to display their product at the Crafters Palace at First and Bullard in Fresno, Linda’s time was split and she had no choice but to abandon displaying her work in Oakhurst.

In 2006, after Crafters Palace sold and rent tripled, the Duerksens approached Davis.

“We talked to Charlie,” Linda explained, “and he told us he needed some help. Back then, he was only open weekends. We worked together. Charlie broke his rule of selling homemade items only and we brought in all our product.”

Because he owned the Purple Cow for so long, letting go hasn’t been easy for Davis, 72.

“Even though I have very mixed feelings about it, I’m okay with it,” Davis said. “I’m glad the Duerksens have it because they know how to run that kind of business. I was there everyday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Monday, and it will take a while to adjust, but Richard is a tremendous support.”

Now that he and his partner, Richard Gardiner, have more free time, they may do some traveling, and have become more involved with the New Community United Methodist Church outreach programs.

While Davis adjusts to a more leisurely lifestyle, the Duerksens are busy revamping, updating, expanding spaces, and freshening the inside rooms, with the assistance from son, Rodney Fultz.

“This is an awesome place to browse,” Linda added. “Come spend some time with us. Charlie’s presence is still here, and even though we won’t be offering Charlie’s home-made cookies, there will be some goodie on-hand.”

Along with the friendly Duerksens, visitors may be greeted by the shop mascot, 11-week-old Labradoodle, Laci.

“We’re excited that we have the opportunity to transition the store to In My Garden and expand the business,” Kerwin said. “Visitors have commented that this is their place to shop ... that it’s like shopping in Fresno. We purchase from vendors worldwide and have been in the business for 19 years with the name In My Garden; that’s why we’re changing the name from Purple Cow. Other than that, nothing much has changed ... and nothing will change.”

The 2,200 square foot building houses 10,000 items, and new product arrives each week.