‘I just hope it’s significant to them.’ Local author publishes fifth children’s book

Kyle Mosher, an Oakhurst native, holding the five books he has published.
Kyle Mosher, an Oakhurst native, holding the five books he has published.

Local author Kyle Mosher self-published “Life, Magic, Mischief: Volume 2,” his fifth children’s book, in July and hopes children enjoy the book as much as he did writing it.

“Whether they laugh at something, or find something more meaningful. I hope it’s just fun or significant to them in someway,” the Oakhurst native said of the collection of poetry book.

The title of the book is telling of its contents. Mosher, 32, said he chose the title in order to eliminate as many limitations as he could when he sat down and wrote. If he wanted to write about life, then he would write about anything the word “life” encompassed, and the same applied to the other two words.

“I don’t know, when I sit down, what I’m going to end up writing when I write a poem because I’ve tried to make the topic — life, magic, mischief — so broad, unspecific and undefined,” Mosher said. “It makes it harder, but much more interesting and fun for me.”

The library, holding grudges, the word “hate,” and countless imaginative variations of animals are only few of the subjects of the nearly 100 poems that fill the pages of Mosher’s book.

Mosher enjoys exploring these concepts in a lighthearted and carefree manner, a huge reason why he chose to focus on writing children’s books

“It just seems more fun and I don’t have to take myself as seriously,” Mosher said. “Kids are maybe willing to give things a shot, while adults are maybe more set on the things they like.”

This is Mosher’s second volume of the “Life, Magic, Mischief” poetry book series and the author is confident his abilities have improved since the first, which was released in February 2017. His other books include “Beasts Without Borders,” “Perfect Nonsense” and “Book: The Story Behind the Story.”

Mosher also publishes a weekly children’s poem to his website every Monday.

He credits his education at Oakhurst Elementary School, Oak Creek Intermediate and Yosemite High School for his writing ability. Mosher lived in Oakhurst from age 3 to 18 and has been in and out of the area since then.

His literary influences include Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost and Dr. Seuss.

“I consume so much content made by others — books, music, movies, podcasts — and this is my effort to put something into the world that is hopefully good,” he said.

All of Mosher’s books are available for purchase on Amazon. He welcomes submissions of illustrations inspired by his poetry, as well as poems from other authors, for his website.