Celebrating the beauty of the American West at Branches Books this weekend

The cover of Roger Thompson’s new book, We Stood Upon the Stars - Finding God in lost Places. Thompson will be at Branches Books & Gifts in Oakhurst’s Old Mill Shopping Center 1-3 p.m. Saturday.
The cover of Roger Thompson’s new book, We Stood Upon the Stars - Finding God in lost Places. Thompson will be at Branches Books & Gifts in Oakhurst’s Old Mill Shopping Center 1-3 p.m. Saturday. Submitted photo

Successful entrepreneur and adventurer Roger W. Thompson set out on a series of journeys to find freedom from the mundane, to grow spiritually through nature, and to know himself more deeply as a father and a husband.

The result is We Stood Upon Stars: Finding God in Lost Places, a collection of Thompson’s poetic and honest essays, spiritual reflections, and often hilarious stories, stemming from his many years of expeditions throughout the American West. For Thompson, there is as much beauty and wonder in the actual journey - the searching - as in the brilliance of the destination.

“We search mountaintops and valleys, deserts and oceans, hoping sunrises and long views through the canyons will help us discover who we are, or who we still want to be,” Thompson said.

Some of the great experiences and settings that Thompson muses about include: Discovering the beauty of Yosemite National Park while motorcycling with his grandpa - hiking with a friend in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado - wine tasting with his wife in Sonoma Valley - fly fishing in the remote mountains of Montana - “herding” the wild bison in Yellowstone National Park - and watching the wild horses deep in the Badlands at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.

Readers across generations will be inspired to follow in Thompson’s footsteps. Wanderlusters as well as armchair adventurers will enjoy Thompson’s descriptive road and wilderness quests.

Book singing at Branches Books Saturday

Thompson will be at Branches Books & Gifts in Oakhurst from 1-3 p.m. Saturday where he will be signing copies of his new book, We Stood Upon Stars.

His earlier book, My Best Friend’s Funeral, will also be available for purchase. Light refreshments will be served.

Praise for We Stood Upon Stars

Thompson’s latest book has received very favorable reviews including the following:

“Combining humor, a sense of adventure, and a need to discover who he is, Thompson takes readers on an earnest journey as he recounts a number of trips exploring America’s beauty. Along the way he learns what it is to be a husband, a father, and a friend, often coming to moments of understanding as he appreciates nature. Faith elements, though present, are never overbearing, as humor is the highlight of this candid memoir.” —Publishers Weekly

“It’s hard to know if Roger is an author or an artist. He paints these pages with words so vivid and picturesque that you can almost smell the Rocky Mountain air, feel the salty water of the ocean, or experience the tug of a wild trout on the end of a fly line. —Brian Carpenter, founder of Refuge Foundation, Montana

“Roger’s writing reminds me of Steinbeck’s. It brings light to life in the most beautiful and profound ways. After reading this book I want to love my wife, kids, and life more. For that, I am deeply grateful for Roger and this book.” —Pastor Britt Merrick

“In this book, Roger invites us on the road less traveled. We Stood Upon Stars is a road map to the journey that every man hopes to experience for himself. Get ready to dive right into the heart of a man.” —Gary Humble, CEO of Grapevine Craft Brewery

“A poignant travelogue of generations past and present, searching for God in lost places. I was swept up in ‘love like an ocean,’ ‘grief like a desert,’ and ‘peace like a river’ that flowed through every chapter. From the waves of Ventura, to starlight in the desert, to the taco truck in Marfa, Texas, I got lost in the stories of Roger and his family as they learned not only about the beauty of each destination, but the beauty of the journey it takes to get there.” —Leslie Jordan, All Sons & Daughters

“Roger Thompson takes us on his dirt roads, into his mountains, and deep into his spirit. Through his humor and humility, he will inspire you.” —Braden Jones, entrepreneur, world traveler, co-founder of Intervals, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Sons of Trade

About the author

Roger W. Thompson is a successful entrepreneur, collaborator, adventurer, and writer. He’s spent his career building innovative businesses and nonprofit organizations. In addition to creating the first mission tourism resort in Haiti with the Hands and Feet Project, he’s produced surf films, built skate parks, and outfitted adventure trips.

Alongside his wife, he travels, surfs, snowboards, and fly-fishes - and is teaching his two young sons to do the same. When Thompson’s not on a road trip, you’ll find him in Southern California. Visit him at

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