Oakhurst author publishes new children’s book

Oakhurst author Karen A. Bennett has published a new book for children, A Snail Tale, available for purchase on Amazon and other outlets.

In the book, readers follow the story’s narrator as she notices a line of snails coming to her house on a spring evening, in order to escape the poisonous snail bait being used by her neighbor.

The next morning, the narrator goes to paint her fence when she sees a mother snail and her babies on the back porch. The narrator picks up one baby snail and brings it into her home. From there lies a surprise, which combines both fun and education to enlighten young readers.

Bennett is a native Californian who grew up performing in ballet, acrobatics, and dancing, and has worked on stage shows, tours, and modeling. A professional artist and published poet, Bennett is a mother of two and grandmother of four. She is also a certified nursing home health assistant, and lives with her 90-year-old father.

A Snail Tale is a 30-page paperback book with a retail price of $16, published by RoseDog Books of Pittsburgh.


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