Yosemite art students participate in “Visual Explorations”

Isaac Rumoh’s 9 X 12 inch acrylic painting “The Tower of Babel” shows a group of people building a structure in front of an enormous moon.
Isaac Rumoh’s 9 X 12 inch acrylic painting “The Tower of Babel” shows a group of people building a structure in front of an enormous moon.

Five Yosemite High School students participated in a juried art exhibition, “Visual Explorations,” held Feb. 11 and 12 at Arte Americas in Fresno.

The five students, Kendall Miller, Kelsey Montalto, Isaac Rumohr, Katie Thompson and Mary Weigel, were invited to showcase their artwork in the exhibition that included student artists from throughout the Central Valley.

““Visual Explorations” was a wonderful vehicle to showcase the high caliber of work of high school students from Bakersfield to Merced,” said Ivan Higgins, YHS art instructor.

The prestigious exhibit was curated by two art educators, Adam Mena of Madera Unified and Patricia A. Semrick of Fresno Unified.

“Adam and Patrick have done an amazing job inspiring valley youth and putting together this amazing exhibition,” Higgins said.

Weigel’s 22 X 24 piece is entitled “Terence Crutcher,” and shows a brightly colored image of Terence Crutcher canonized as a martyr. Weigel used watercolor and pen on paper to create the 22 X 24 inch piece.

Thompson’s 16 X 24 inch ink “Skeleton Still Life” is a beautiful close up detail of a still life.

Miller’s 4 X 6 foot mixed media piece, “Unhinged,” shows Donald Trump riding an elephant and Hillary Clinton riding a donkey, charging each other with sabers in hand. In the background is an elegantly painted American Flag at the center of which is the White House made of newspaper clippings, and written upon it are the words “Left to Live in Squalor.”

Rumohr’s painting “The Tower of Babel,” is a 9 X 12 inch image of people building a fragile structure in front of an enormous full moon. The painting was created with acrylic on a canvas board.

Montalto’s sculpture is constructed of cardboard, tape, paint and ink. “Memoir of a Hero” is a sword that has been broken in half by a fierce battle and in the center of the sword lays the silhouette of a fallen hero. The sculpture is 15 inches long, four inches high and two inches deep.

“It was great and exciting to see my work on the walls next to the work of my peers and get compliments,” said Thompson.

“It all felt very surreal,” a humble Montelto said. “ A lot of the work in the exhibit was better than mine, making me wonder how my piece made it in, but it was an amazing experience.”

YHS art exhibits

In March, YHS students will participate in an exhibition entitled “YAM Exhibit,” at Madera’s Circle Gallery in honor of Youth Arts Month. The opening reception will be held 1 - 3 p.m., March 18, and the exhibit will run throughout the month of March.

On May 3, YHS visual arts, history and AP environmental studies classes will showcase a collaborative project entitled “How Long Will This Take,” at the Badger Art Gallery on campus.

On May 17, students will showcase their work at Madera County’s ArtFest, a day of food, music, family friendly creative activities and awards.