Robin Blossom Retirement

On July 3, after 40 years of dedicated service, Robin Blossom retired from her duties at Oakhurst Medical Group.

Blossom served the Mountain Area for more than 25 years as a nurse practitioner helping residents and their families with various injuries and illnesses, as well as teaching the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind.

After spending nearly 10 years in the Central Valley working as an OBGYN in Visalia and planned parenthood in Fresno, Blossom began her work in the Mountain Area in 1983 after accepting a position at a private practice run by Dr. Jeffrey J. Barigian.

Blossom continued working with Barigian after the company merged with the offices of Dr. John McBride and Dr. Joel Figatner to become the Sierra Health Associates.

In 1997, Blossom, joined partnerships with Figatner, McBride and Sachau which formed Oakhurst Medical Group.

Now, after nearly 17 years working for the community Blossom has decided to focus on her next stage of life — retirement.

She is a supporter of the Vision Academy of Arts and the Sierra Chamber Choir, and part of a small group of singers known in the area as the Sierra Chamber Maids, which recently sang at the Heritage Days wine and cheese tasting event.

Blossom says she will continue to live at her home in Indian Lakes, and hopes to spend her time reading, singing, playing piano, and learning to play her newly purchased harp. She also plans to volunteer at the Oakhurst Library, and will spend time between her second home in Costa Rica, but says she wants her friends and patients to know that she plans to stay in the area because this is home.

"I was always so blessed with the wonderful people and the support of the community and that's why I am not leaving, this is my home," Blossom said. "My patients have changed my life, they have taught me so much. Part of who I am today is from having known them."

Blossom was a member of the third class to graduate from UC San Francisco as a licensed nurse practitioner.