Malloufs celebrate 50th wedding anniversary

Jackie and Doug Mallouf, who recently celebrated 50 years of marriage, in Cayucos.
Jackie and Doug Mallouf, who recently celebrated 50 years of marriage, in Cayucos. Submitted Photo

On Sept. 3, Doug and Jackie Mallouf joined family and friends at the Oakhurst Community Center to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Although Doug is from Sayre, Oklahoma and Jackie is from Boston, the couple met in Carmichael, while Jackie was in radiation technology studies and Doug was a pharmacist at a neighborhood pharmacy.

After the wedding, they lived in Fresno for 10 years where Doug owned Hood’s Pharmacy. Skiing was an obsession at the time, and trips to Badger Pass were every possible weekend.

When the decision was made to leave Fresno, it was a dinner at Ducey’s that cemented the location of their new home. There had been business meetings and site reviews in North Fork and Oakhurst all day and almost by accident, the road back to Fresno was by way of Ducey’s at Bass Lake.

It was late and noisy in the dining room but it didn’t bother the Malloufs or their six-week-old baby, all complete strangers to the mountains. However, it turns out the couple was recognized by an off-duty nurse from St. Agnes Hospital who had been on the delivery team six weeks earlier. Happy greetings and introductions were made and the new baby went to the other table for a visit while Doug and Jackie enjoyed dinner. And the Mountain Area has been their home ever since.

A banner hangs outside their home throughout the month of September, which reads, “ ... how beautiful the dance,” (a line from a Flavia poem). For Doug and Jackie, it summarizes the joy of their 50 years together.