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Hillview restores water to Broadview Terrace residents

Residents of the Broadview Terrace subdivision had running water as of 7:30 p.m., after a long day without water due to a major leak in a Hillview Water Company 12-inch pipe.

After originally estimating the water service would return by 6 p.m., a spokesperson for the company said the repairs would be made and water service restored by 7:30 p.m..

The repair time was extended when workers discovered the leak was on the ‘bottom’ of the pipe which was sitting on a large rock.

A resident on School Road (427) near First Baptist Church in Oakhurst spotted a major leak in Hillview Water Company’s pipes near the church on Tuesday.

Earlier Tuesday morning, Hillview officials notified 256 business and residential customers, via automated phone calls, that crews were attempting to find a major water line break that caused an overnight loss of 100,000 gallons of water.

The loss of water was coming from a large leak in a 12-inch water main, Hillview Manager James Foster said.

Foster called it a “significant leak” after a drastic drop in the water level of the number 420 tank near Yosemite High School. Hillview estimated the leak/break was causing water loss of about 600 gallons a minute.

Hillview’s on call service technician received a call early Tuesday morning about the 420 tank (420,000 gallon tank above the high school on Highland View Lane) activating a ‘low level’ alarm. The alarm is triggered at 19 feet, but the tank got to 6 feet before the leak was discovered.

About 256 customers were sent automated calls before 8 a.m. this morning informing them of the situation and asking them to conserve water, be prepared for discolored water, and the possibility of running low on water.

The automated message also stated that customers may experience low water pressure or no pressure for a period of time. Customers will be updated of the situation via automated calls.

On Monday morning, part of the system was shut down due to another leak which has since been repaired.

Josh Baker, an operator with Hillview inspecting the affected area, estimated the leaking pipe was about four feet underground and would need some 20 feet of pipe to repair.

The large leak comes just four days after company and state officials held a ribbon cutting, announcing the utilities’ $20 million expansion project, including treatment plants that will remove iron, arsenic, uranium, and manganese from the water within the next year.

Details: Hillview Water Company, (559) 683-4322.

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