A must-see melodrama

The Golden Chain Theatre was founded on making outstanding melodramas, and their latest production has proven a successful kickoff to the summer season.

The latest production, “Males Order Bride” is a melodramatic riot that opened last weekend.

The lead female role Starr Billing (Bree Stephens), along with her lawyer Big Harry Deal (Robert Britt), come to a quaint small town set in Denver, Colorado in the 1870s. Originally from New York as a professional actress, she and her lawyer try to swindle four local men out of their businesses and money.

Starr masquerades as all four women that the men have “mail ordered” as wives. Once she begins to slip from being these characters simultaneously, the grooms-to-be figure out they’re being swindled.

There are many spectacular and hilarious scenes, like when Starr, masquerading as Lola, comes into the bar and meets Lucky Betts, (Erik Sotelo) who is the bar’s owner and Lola’s husband-to-be, or so he thinks. Her dress and attitude makes Lucky fall head-over-heels immediately. You would want to see this production for that scene alone.

There were also dramatic portions, like Calico Schurtz (Lyric Piccolotti) falling for the hero, Forrest Green (Cristien Dunkle), but she is later kidnapped by Starr’s partner-in-crime who ties her up in her own father’s mine. Her love later figures out from a forged note where she is and rescues her.

All-in-all, this melodrama is a sight to behold and a definite must see for anyone who loves “hissing” the villain and “cheering” the hero.