Carving at its best

Marcia Maloney from Windsor worked on a wooden plate with a scene based on a Norwegian legend. She’s been doing woodcarving since she retired 10 years ago. Colleen Lund of Moraga has been woodcarving for six years, and said it’s cheaper than a shrink. Dennis Stambaugh of Modesto was busy carving a face in his first golf ball, while his 10 year old grandson, Elijah Ortega, also of Modesto, proudly displayed his first-ever carving of a duck.

Darryl Easter of Camarillo had quite a bit of finishing work to complete on his under the sea walking stick. Relief carver (putting picture in wood) Bob Jordan of San Diego said he always ends up carving an eagle, and that he has made 60 eagle head canes in one year to pass out to wounded warriors in San Diego. Richard Zerbel of Livingston chip-carved “Silence is Golden” in American Sign Language.

The Oakhurst Community Center was relatively quiet, considering the number of people inside. All were concentrating on the work-at-hand. They had gathered for one reason - the week-long Woodcarvers Rendevouz in Oakhurst.

“They came from all over the Western States, from Alaska to the Mexico border to attend this event,” said coordinator Larry Smith. “The main purpose is to get a bunch of woodcarvers together to have a good time and carve ... then we throw in some instructions on different kinds of carving ... and then to keep the spouses busy, we offer instruction on beading, pine-needle baskets, needlework, and stepping stones.”

To join the area chapter, Central Sierra Woodcarvers, meet every Thursday from 12:30 - 3 p.m., at the Senior Center. Details: Larry Smith, (559) 906-4198.