Those opposed to Measure L are sadly mistaken

One simple thing that is not being discussed about Measure L is what happens if Measure L doesn’t pass. The staffing levels for Madera County Fire Department have never been increased above the 1928 staffing levels. That is one person by themselves on a fire engine.

Peter Cavanaugh

I’m voting yes on L

Years ago a friend of mine who was a very successful life insurance salesman commented that over his career he had never heard a widow complain about the amount of money her husband had spent on the premiums for his life insurance policy.


Public safety is not political ideology

Opponents to Measure L have defined their argument based on ideology; rather than identifying problems and proposing solutions of a public safety crisis which has been “swept under the rug” for years. Passing Measure L, the public safety sales tax measure, is our best chance to begin correcting the many deficiencies which impact safety services.


Yes on Measure ‘L’

On March 7, nearly 35,000 registered voters in the unincorporated areas of Madera County will have the opportunity to vote on Measure L - a one cent sales tax increase that would provide funds for the exclusive use of enhancing county fire department and county sheriff’s office personnel and services for the next 20 years.

Dr. Bill Atwood

Presidential review

This Monday we celebrate President’s Day. There have been great presidents and there have been some bums to be sure. Let’s pause for a few minutes and reflect on the job of being the President of the United States and the men who have occupied that office.


Why I’m voting no on Measure L

The primary role of government, whether national, state or local, is to protect its citizens and enforce the law. As such, fire and police protection should be the ‘first’ priority of our county’s discretionary funds. Without safety and protection nothing else matters.

Peter Cavanaugh


While things got wild and wooly for our Fifth District Congressman Tom McClintock - requiring a heavy police escort leaving his town hall meeting in Roseville Feb. 4 - things were quite different that same day here in Oakhurst at Denny’s.

Dr. Bill Atwood

Keeping it in perspective

During my lifetime I have been in situations where ideas were presented and either my folks, my employers, or the members of the organization with which I was associated wanted to study a proposal or implement it with the plan to review it in three to six months. Many times when my brother or I came up with a request to do something our folks would simply delay the decision for a few days whilst they “thought about it.”

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For tax raisers, end of drought is bad news

As I write this, it is raining in Sacramento. Pouring, actually. And even though I live about 200 yards from the Sacramento River, I have confidence that the levees within the city limits are in good shape. (As well they should be given that Sacramento’s flood control agency collects millions of dollars from local property owners annually to keep them maintained).


Marching in Washington

My husband Tim and I were in Mexico visiting friends on Nov. 8, 2016. We had sent in our absentee ballots, ensuring our votes counted. The next morning, after some contemplation, I told Tim we needed to get home because I had work to do. By Thursday of that week, I had found out about the Women’s March on Washington from a D.C. area friend and booked my travel.



I stopped reading Bill Atwood’s political rants years ago because I always found them lacking in credibility and I came to dismiss them as such. I was curious to see what his take was on the Women’s March in his Jan. 26 “My Thoughts” piece - he didn’t disappoint.

Dr. Bill Atwood

Scouting provides many lifelong lessons

Back in 1909 an American publisher, W.D. Boyce, was visiting London and found himself lost in the foggy night. As he stood there befuddled a young man approached and asked if Boyce needed some assistance. Boyce stated his problem and the young man escorted Boyce to his destination.

Dr. Bill Atwood

Women’s March

I saw a group of protestors Saturday morning in Oakhurst. It was a good sized crowd and it looked like a fairly mixed grouping of men and women. They were participating in a First Amendment right; the right of the people to peaceably assemble. They were holding up signs and as I sat waiting for the signal to change from red to green, I glanced over and noticed their concerns for abortion rights, racism, gay marriage, immigration. I am not sure of some of the others because the signs were a little small.


President-elect Trump shares his policy plans, updates on transition

The President-elect shares an update on the Presidential Transition, an outline of some of his policy plans for the first 100 days, and his day one executive actions. Video shared via "the official 2017 Presidential Transition account on YouTube" on Monday, Nov. 21, 2016.
Transition 2017
President-elect Trump shares his policy plans, updates on transition 2:38

President-elect Trump shares his policy plans, updates on transition

Eye on Education: What does Prop. 58 mean for Fresno schools? 1:26

Eye on Education: What does Prop. 58 mean for Fresno schools?

Protest at Fresno City College against North Dakota pipeline 0:50

Protest at Fresno City College against North Dakota pipeline

Clinton makes first public appearance since concession speech 2:39

Clinton makes first public appearance since concession speech