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    Letters to the Editor - week of June 30

    Measure C support - So many stereotypes - Prescription drug abuse


    Sweet Freedom

    Happy Birthday America. Back in 1776 a small but well-educated group of Englishmen gathered in humid Philadelphia and started to discuss their fate against a government that over-taxed them, over-regulated them, used the courts against them, controlled commerce and trade, and who also ignored the...


    Independence Day

    It struck in a flash.


    Property taxes to increase by 13% in coming year

    In Chicago, escalating property taxes are headline news. With the average property tax bill due to go up by 13% - and more increases in subsequent years virtually guaranteed - home ownership in the Windy City is in deep peril. No one seems happy except the moving companies.


    Let’s talk about the walks

    Over the years I have written about a number of topics. Many are the stories of people in the area doing wonderful things for others. Some have been about local service organizations or businesses that help to make this area even better. Some of the stories deal with the Boy Scouts and other youth...


    Hail, Incitatus

    It’s drawing depressingly near - the most bizarre political elevation in human history since Caligula appointed Incitatus to the Roman Senate in 40 A.D., Incitatus being the Emperor’s favorite horse.


    Budget deception: weird accounting diminishes accountability

    This week, after reaching agreement with Governor Brown, the California Legislature will pass the state budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year. In so doing, it will meet its Constitutional deadline of June 15.


    And now, Orlando

    The Twin Towers, the Pentagon, Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Flight 93, Little Rock, Boston, and now Orlando. Each of these places is now connected by being targets of Radical Islamic Terrorism. The president won’t utter the words, nor will the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party, but...


    Welcome, Mr. President

    For the 15th time since taking office, he spoke to a nation again shaken to its core by yet another act of senseless hate and terror - this one with a single individual killing 49 and injuring 53 more at a gay nightclub in Orlando - becoming the largest mass shooting in American history.


    It’s called espionage

    On an ordinary June evening in Washington, D.C. 44 years ago, five well intentioned but corrupt individuals broke into the offices of the Democrat Party National offices at the Watergate Hotel complex as part of their plot to wiretap what the Democrats were planning to do during the election of ...

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