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    Sleep now in the fire

    In our nation’s capital, reality remains a rumor. Congress is paralyzed by party politics. At times the administration appears to be losing face, faith and friends with each new headline. Effective distraction and diversion of focus has become prioritized, lest forces operating in true control...


    What a week

    What a week for pundits. Hillary won’t talk, won’t meet, will talk and meet, but won’t say anything. Barack Obama and his folks declare that the strategy in Iraq is working even while ISIS takes over Rimadi and the leaders of Iran are the ones being able to visit Baghdad. George...


    Zohos selected for two all-star games

    Congratulations to Yosemite senior offensive lineman Jonathan Zohos. He was recently selected to two football all-star games and will play on the defensive line for the County at the City/County All-Star game Friday, June 19 at Darrell Lamonica Stadium in Clovis. Game time will be at 7:30 p.m.


    Remember the sacrifice

    This week and next I step away from commenting in this column about the politics of our day and talk about the people who have ensured that people like you and I get the opportunity to enjoy our God given rights to live free and to express our opinions. God gave us our rights; the Constitution guarantees...



    Father Simon Le Moyne was a Jesuit missionary to The New World, a vocation that saw many of his fellow priests conclude their careers in an untimely manner at the wrong end of an Iroquois tomahawk.


    Creatures abound in Death Valley

    After two evenings of high winds, we welcomed this calm morning with only a slight breeze. Now to pack up our vehicle, depart to the desert floor, and locate the dirt road that leads to the trailhead for Panamint Dunes. They are located on the north end of Panamint Valley at the foot of Hunter Mountain...


    And then along comes Bernie

    He has the same chance as a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs.


    Getting a pass

    Back in 1967 I was astonished at the reaction to the blockbuster movie, “Bonnie and Clyde.” It amazed me to hear folks cheering for the thugs of the Barrow gang and to hear folks talk about the final shootout that killed the two bank robbers ... one would have thought that superior...


    Never forget

    Auschwitz. Buchenwald. Dachau. Maulthausen. Treblinka. Sobibor. Belzec. Majdanek. Bergen-Belsen. Ravensbruck. Theresienstadt. The death camps. Nazi death camps. This past week, we saw the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Dachau by the Americans and this past Tuesday, we should have remembered...


    A Boy Scout solution

    Political attacks come sooner every election cycle just like Spring season. Could it be the result of human-caused global warming? Ha ha.

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