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    McClintock’s “magical mystery meeting”

    When both John Pero and I get politically blindsided, it’s a rare day indeed. Perhaps I went too far.


    Erna epitomizes the ‘American Dream’

    A Lifetime Achievement Award - let that phrase roll off your tongue and understand how much greater it tastes when it is presented to you by your peers. On March 9, one of our neighbors received that honor from the Fresno Chapter of the California Restaurant Association.


    Mysteries surrounding Corlieu Falls

    Myself, as well as many of you, have hiked the remote trail along Lewis Creek. The most popular route is from Cedar Valley hiking up-stream past Corlieu Falls and finish at the parking lot above the falls. Keep in mind hiking from the parking lot is much easier, going downhill.


    “Shining city upon the hill”

    Its original version, “city on the hill,” came from Massachusetts Bay Governor John Winthrop’s 1630s sermon derived from Matthew 5:14. It signified the belief that America is God’s country and Americans are exceptional.


    An open letter

    To President Barack Obama,Once again, you have managed to be a major embarrassment to the citizens of the United States of America while giving encouragement to our nation’s sworn enemies. You have given credibility to the question as to just where your allegiance lies.


    Love those strawberries

    I have been pleasantly surprised (so far) with the taste of the fresh strawberries I have been buying at grocery stores. There were a couple of times when they had the dreaded green shoulders that usually indicate they are not very sweet, but other than that, I have been blessed with some very tasty...


    When everyone’s Irish

    I was pleased to discover that in my family history, I have some Irish (as well as Scottish) descendents, on my mom’s side of the family. They go way back, but it’s just enough to give me some roots to celebrate. One day I plan to visit Ireland, and I bet I head straight for the food...


    “Shamrock & Roll”

    It was a far more joyous time - before accountants were in charge.


    Clintons and ethics

    When is enough enough? For years the Clintons have proven that they not only feel entitled to their power, and have proven time and again that they see themselves as better than the rest of us and above the law. My question for the Clinton loyalists is when are they going to say, “That’...


    Eyes on the prize

    So far no one has taken up the challenge, posed in my last column, to discuss real issues and meaningful solutions like mature adults. Instead they doubled down on their strengths – salacious innuendos, scandals from 20 years ago, ad-hominem attacks, and red-baiting. That’s what I ...

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