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    “Bad Bibi”

    I do not welcome Benjamin Netanyahu to America. Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, is scheduled to address a Joint Session of Congress next Wednesday in a major, historic breach of traditional protocol, political etiquette and basic good manners – the ones ...


    Memories of Stevenson Falls

    Not all exciting hiking trails are hidden with the tree cover of our local mountains. When winter season approaches and the sport of skiing and snow showing is not the choice of recreation? Do we wait until spring to enjoy the outdoors? Here is one local adventure that may not be on those narrow...


    Those tasty jalapenos

    Just about every time I go grocery shopping, whether it be at a regular store or a farmers market, I just have to get a few fresh jalapeno peppers. Even though I am going to share some favorite recipes with you, I must admit my favorite way of enjoying these peppers is to just eat them fresh, along...


    Lipstick on a pig

    If you can’t say what you are for, say what you are against. If you have no accomplishments of your own discredit your opponent’s accomplishments. When your party’s Congress is truly the worst Congress (21% approval), falsely claim the other party’s president is the worst...


    It’s a Small Small World

    Have you ever encountered another human‐being that in some way awakened you?


    A drop in the bucket

    My neighbor had a mighty fine well. He enjoyed very good water. A few years back he noticed dampness along one wall inside the kitchen. He was concerned about the damp wall so he got a small heater and set it up to dry the wall. The wall never seemed to dry out. Eventually, he got the courage to...


    Our community will benefit

    Three weeks ago my wife and I brought Noelana into our home. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we have seen a great deal of growth in her during this short time. Noelana is a Siamese kitten who had become lost or abandoned in the Parlier area and the fine people at The Cat House on the...


    Worst president ever

    When Gutzon Borglum began to carve the heads of the four presidents into Mount Rushmore and later, following his death, his son, Lincoln Borglum, finished the enormous project it was intended to honor leaders of America who had done great things.


    Straight from the heart

    I must admit I haven’t celebrated the likes of Valentine’s Day in decades, though it’s impossible to disregard such a well-produced, highly advertised holiday.


    “American Sniper”

    When Howard Stern interviewed Bradley Cooper on satellite radio in early December, Howard asked how someone as old as 84-year-old Clint Eastwood could have possibly directed such a remarkable film at his advanced age. Cooper, whose portrayal of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is positively metamorphic and, ...

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