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    A real live experiment

    The mid-term election is fast approaching. There are great expectations that Republicans will gain control of the senate. And if they take the presidency in 2016, conservatives believe that America will again be, as Reagan said in his farewell address, that "shining city upon the hill."


    A welcome to Liam

    During the next couple of weeks, a baby boy will be born into my family turning Carol and I into a great aunt and great uncle respectively. Liam will arrive into a loving family surrounded by the adults he will get to know during his formative years. His first sight of us will be gushing and smiling...


    Vote for America

    Depending on when you read this, we're just 13 days away from the National Sigh of Relief Day. That's the day when all of the political advertising is removed from the nation's airwaves and print media. Finally, gone for another year or so.


    Rarely seen Edison Lake air strip

    Who would think a body of water that was created by the Edison Company for electricity in 1954 with a shore line of 13 miles, would today contain only 6% of its normal 4.2 million cubic feet capacity. This is our fourth year of drought and it's sad to see our wilderness landscaping suffer. Those...


    Savoring the sweet smell and taste of home made biscuits

    I like to eat with my hands (when it's appropriate). There's just something so primal about getting my mitts on a grilled drumstick, ribs, a hamburger or hot dog, corn-on-the-cob and French fries. So, it's no wonder that a freshly-baked, cinnamon-sweet sticky bread that you pull apart with your ...


    Ground zero

    It's a sad little town.


    White House coward

    Let's be honest about Barack Obama. He is an outstanding campaigner and he was a tremendous community organizer. His ability to motivate and excite crowds served him well in his endeavors and his speech in the Democratic National Convention on behalf of Bill Clinton's re-election electrified that...


    From sea to shining sea

    Admiral John Nathman, USN (Ret.), former Commander of the U.S. Fleet Forces Command under President George W. Bush: "There are serious risks to doing nothing about climate change. We can pay now or we're going to pay a whole lot later. The U.S. has a unique opportunity to become energy independent...


    Fall Festival

    This weekend we will be able to gather in the Oakhurst Community Park with friends and neighbors at the Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce sponsored Fall Festival.


    God save the queen

    The ground around Ballyoughter, Ireland is about to shimmy and shake with the grandest of grave spinners as this Cavanaugh (Caomhánach) herein states he's glad Scotland is staying with the Brits in a United Kingdom. There's been too much separation in this world of late.

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