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    Simply dollars and sense

    There comes a time in all our lives when we simply have to look out for ourselves. This is a means of survival and to ignore the facts will lead to peril for many. We need to shop locally. I realize the great temptation to run to Fresno to get the bigger items and the desire to fill up the car with...


    Reaching new heights

    I have heard many times from many fans that sports will never be the same in the Mountain Area with two high schools. Those that lamented would be right. It's not the same — in many ways it's better. Recent performances from both Yosemite and Minarets athletes have taken mountain high school...


    Water whirl

    It was my first official Tea Party.


    Thank you, Mr. Cheah

    I consider it a true God-send that Mr. Cheah would actually engage in a written conversation about the erosion of our American founding principles. I couldn't ask for a better example of the misguided thinking of the "enlightened," socialistic philosophy which blindly ignores American values stated...


    Conquering Mount Morgan at 13,748 feet

    It was in June of 2013 that Fred Cochran, Clem Bingham and I planned our climb to Mount Williamson. To our surprise, because of late spring storms, the desert road to our trailhead was victim to flash flooding. So we referred to our backup hike, Mount Morgan at 13,748 feet. Would you believe this...


    Refreshing pina colada - good in drinks or desserts

    Love Pina Coladas?


    Principles lost, another view

    The Declaration of Independence and the writings of Abraham Lincoln and the founding fathers are imbued with principles. Those principles are not unique to Christianity. It surfaces in the teachings of all religions and more importantly, in the philosophy of ethics. These universal principles have...


    Train wreck damage

    Years ago the people who had voted Richard Nixon back into office for his second term had to eat a great deal of crow and also had to live with the feelings of being let down by the man they felt should lead this great nation. Such is becoming the fate of those folks who opted to vote for the scandal...


    Dawn? Plan it.

    Ground Zero is a four-hour drive from Oakhurst. Muir Woods is on the Pacific Coast of Southwestern Marin County, just northwest of San Francisco. In this postmodern world, it represents a primeval paradise. That's where we last saw Caesar.


    Principles lost

    During the first 150 years of our nation our government of the people was steadfast in the principles declared by our founding fathers. Under penalty of death those founders wrote their sovereign king, "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal: that they are endowed...

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