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    Have a chocolate milkshake

    Since most people love chocolate, I thought it would be fun to share some chocolate milkshake recipes. I like to have a thick milkshake made with real ice cream, and I do admit that I am much more likely to get or make a banana, strawberry or pineapple shake than a chocolate one. But this is about...


    Remembering veterans

    This past week I was in the Orange County area helping dear friends move out of their house of 45 years into a nearby condo as they are in the process of downsizing. Amongst the many items that I helped wrap up and pack into boxes for the move were some photographs that gave me pause. The images...


    Who is the real Trump?

    Donald Trump has always been pro-choice until he became pro-life. He supported the plight of the transgendered and gays until he no longer supports them. He wants to repeal Obamacare but likes Canada’s single payer system and likes the mandate in Obamacare. This doesn’t make any sense...


    Golden sweet caramel corn

    Even though I can make caramel corn that is practically addicting, whenever I stroll along Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey, I always have to stop in one of the candy shops to buy a box of caramel corn. You can see them make it in the window and they keep it warm and crunchy. But of course, ...


    Bernie’s America

    Besides Bernie Sanders, the most notable “democratic socialist” is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was elected to an unprecedented four terms. Would today’s voters, transported in time to the Great Depression, have voted for FDR? Hell yes. Would voters in 1932, transported to...


    Five ‘must have’ California natives for your garden

    California native plants are often overlooked as landscaping plants in the garden, but are so ideally suited for our distinctive mountain climate, andso attractive and colorful, that any gardener will be glad to have tried them. After the first couple years they will be established enough to need...


    Embracing distinction

    A comrade mispronounced my name during a cordial exchange. Promptly rectifying, I suddenly grasped the irony in such, as I hadn’t always been so fond of my distinctive birth name.


    For tri-tip fans

    Years ago, I was convinced that I did not like tri-tip roasts. But that was before I had them cooked the right way. (I say right way only to indicate my own personal preferences, which is moist and rare on the inside and slightly charred and well seasoned on the outside.) Tri-tips can be sliced ...


    Get over it

    Every day something happens that irritates each of us. The guy in the other car cuts us off, somebody cuts in line, somebody runs the traffic light and when these things happen, and especially when the person who does the wrong seemingly gets away with the act, we are offended. Foul language offends...


    Citizen Trump

    What can be more tedious and unwelcome than an unavoidable social necessity to openly and publicly endorse absolute absurdity?

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