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    On Sept. 1, 2004 the first community meal was held at the New Community United Methodist Church. There were 30 volunteers on hand for the spaghetti and meatball dinner. A sole attendee arrived that evening, vegetarian Dave Maguire.


    Flowers and Guns

    In the early 70s, Wendy Woods’ life was in turmoil. She was a young mother, with three children ages 1, 5 and 7, in the middle of a divorce, and her job in the visitor center with the California Youth Authority near Sonoma, was ending due to the facility’s closure. All these circumstances...


    Soapy basics

    The hard oils had dissolved into a soupy, yellowish substance under the 80-110 degree heat. With her crisp apron on, hair pulled back, goggles covering half her face, and blue gloves protecting her hands, she looked more like a scientist than a cook. Carefully measured ingredients were placed near...

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    Assorted viewpoints on voting in Nov. 4 election

    With the General Election fast approaching, election officials are expressing concern over an anticipated low voter turn-out.

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    CVS takes strong stance on health

    As of Sept. 1, CVS Pharmacy is tobacco-free. Where cigarettes once were neatly stacked in long rows, there are Nicotine aids (gum, lozenge and patch) to help smoker's quit the addictive habit. Highly visible posters plaster the walls, now dedicated to the cessation of smoking.


    Thrill of the Hunt

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    More than 600 acres scorched - two homes lost

    The worst fire to threaten Oakhurst in more than 50 years started as a whimper Monday, Aug. 18, but quickly grew to a roaring, dangerous wildfire consuming 613 acres and destroying eight structures, including two homes and the Suburban Propane office. The estimated cost to fight the fire was $1....

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    Chamber appreciates its members at annual dinner

    Along with many area business owners, sheriff candidates Jay Varney and Michael Salvador, and District Attorney candidate David Linn, who is running against incumbent Michael Keitz, attended the third annual summer membership meeting, sponsored by the Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce last Thursday...


    New Beginning

    Like all schools in the foothill and Mountain Area, Yosemite High School opened Monday with an enthusiastic staff and eager students.


    Chawanakee Unified welcomes eight new teachers

    Chawanakee Unified School District maintenance crews were vigorously preparing campuses last week in preparation for Monday's opening day of classes.

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