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    Summer staging

    It didn’t take long for the young summer campers to become disillusioned with Camp Granada. In a brief 24-hour period, they had endured an outbreak of malaria, poison ivy, threat of bears, fighting amongst themselves, and readings from Ulysses. Home and kisses from Aunt Bertha never looked...


    Onward to first

    Grandfather John Lassos was excited to see the youngest of his grandsons graduate from kindergarten.


    Donuts with Dad

    Giavanna Powell, Oakhurst Elementary School fourth-grader, sat contentedly next to her grandfather Gene Karnes, finishing off a donut. Giavanna is his first grandchild, and as of June 3, she has another baby sister.

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    Star reporter wins journalism award

    Reporter wins George F. Gruner award


    Steamy reads

    Nicole Cook grew up an only child in a small town, population 10. Because of this, her imagination was sparked early in the beautiful setting of Sugar Pine.

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    Celebration of love

    Romance was in the air last Thursday when 18 couples and 10 singles (after losing a spouse), were honored for more than 50 years of marriage.


    Step In My Garden

    Step into In My Garden and the smell of Roasted Espresso, the number one candle wax seller, wafting invitingly through the air into an expansive, colorfully decorated open space.



    On Sept. 1, 2004 the first community meal was held at the New Community United Methodist Church. There were 30 volunteers on hand for the spaghetti and meatball dinner. A sole attendee arrived that evening, vegetarian Dave Maguire.


    Flowers and Guns

    In the early 70s, Wendy Woods’ life was in turmoil. She was a young mother, with three children ages 1, 5 and 7, in the middle of a divorce, and her job in the visitor center with the California Youth Authority near Sonoma, was ending due to the facility’s closure. All these circumstances...


    Soapy basics

    The hard oils had dissolved into a soupy, yellowish substance under the 80-110 degree heat. With her crisp apron on, hair pulled back, goggles covering half her face, and blue gloves protecting her hands, she looked more like a scientist than a cook. Carefully measured ingredients were placed near...

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