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    Pass the sweet potatoes, please

    I was always asked to bring candied yams to the Thanksgiving table, but I must admit if someone was only interested in eating healthful fare, they would have snubbed my candied yams. They were so candied they were almost translucent and the sauce was sticky, caramelized sugar, maple syrup, a bit...


    A grateful state of mind

    One Thanksgiving my husband and I found ourselves with no plans. With most of our family deceased or previously engaged, we agreed upon a less conventional gala and set out for the coast to find ourselves a quiet stretch of beach.


    Get ready - get set - get shopping

    Every year it seems that the chain stores and the shopping malls decorate a little earlier. We now have become accustomed to Christmas decorations adorning the halls a couple of weeks before Halloween. The stores do so to promote the shoppers into becoming buyers of their goods and wares.


    Bark for Bernie

    Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was a pioneer in behavioral psychology who won a Nobel Prize in 1904 for his work on conditioned responses.


    President Obama’s thought process

    President Barack Obama continues to show his complete and utter disdain for the United States of America. Last Friday he announced that the Keystone Pipeline was not good for the economy and so he was scrapping the plans to allow the construction of a pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico to...


    Community radio

    Kevin Bowman of KRYZ-LP in Mariposa spoke before an overflowing crowd Saturday morning at the November meeting of our Oakhurst Democratic Club. He spread the gospel of Low Power FM.


    Holiday pies make impressive desserts

    Yes folks, it’s that time of year again. Can you believe it? I really don’t know where the time goes, but it sure does go, and fast. Everyone seems to be busy planning their holiday menus, and I know that people at the holiday dinner table appreciate everything, but they seem to have...


    Your year-end financial checklist

    It will begin soon enough - all those “beat the rush” ads for holiday shopping, activities and events. Right now, you have a great opportunity to beat the rush to organize your year-end finances and make some smart moves for the new year.


    Thanking veterans

    A few weeks ago Donald Trump impugned the sacrifice made by John McCain while he was serving our nation, both as a warrior and as a P.O.W. held in Vietnam. Trump’s argument was that McCain wasn’t a hero, and that the only thing he did was to get shot down and captured. Trump backpedaled...


    Community Radio

    Once upon a time, there was no TV.

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