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    Golden Rule

    When did poor manners and courtesy become so outdated? What happened?


    Happy to see rhubarb

    It is rhubarb season now, but every year that I am able to see my youngest son at Christmas time (his birthday is December 23), I kick myself for forgetting to can or freeze some fresh rhubarb. Even when he was a child, he much preferred a rhubarb pie to a traditional birthday cake. But do you think...


    Saying goodbye

    When the school bell rings on Wednesday, June 8 to dismiss students from Yosemite High School for the summer break, an era will come to an end. Ellen Peterson, the last of the original YHS teachers will erase her boards, submit her final set of grades, and retire. It will be the end of a 40-year...


    Saudi Duty Time

    It’s a duty they owe the free world.


    Kobe and the Warriors

    I don’t know about you, but last week’s games with the Lakers vs. Utah and the Warriors vs. Memphis were certainly the most memorable season-ending NBA games in my lifetime. I have been a huge fan of the NBA since the early 70s so last week’s regular season was an absolutely...


    Sprouting up for health

    For many years, I have been a fan of just about any kind of sprouted legume or grain, especially alfalfa. One of my favorite meals (tabbouleh and falafel in pita bread, with sprouts and yogurt) goes back decades and I never tire of it. Well, if I had to eat it every day, there is no doubt I’...


    Everybody loves salsa

    Of course, we all love salsa any time of year, so we are not limited by weather. Served with a variety of tortilla chips, it is hard to stay away from the salsa bowl. Everyone seems to have a favorite recipe for making their own salsa. Some recipes call for fruit, such as mangoes, pineapple, peaches...


    Memorial to the Sierra Nevada

    During the past six months I kept up my routine of hiking within the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


    Tourist ambassadors

    Last week’s Sierra Star headline shared that the level of Bass Lake was the highest it has been in seven years. What great news that is for those of us who are fortunate enough to actually live at the lake, as well as the good news for the surrounding communities.


    Hotter happenings

    Any delusions that Bernie Sanders should be dismissively regarded as a kindly old grandfather type were shattered into shards last Wednesday after the senator unleashed a sharp, heated response to headlines in the Washington Post alleging that Hillary Clinton had declared him “unqualified...

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