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    Oakhurst resident needs votes as SilverSneakers finalist

    For the second time since introducing the SilverSneakers program to the Fitness Zone, a member from the Oakhurst based fitness center has been nominated as a top ten national finalist for the Richard L. Swanson Award.


    Black Wall Street

    Stephen Bowden, writer for the American Thinker, in his Nov. 16, 2008 article by the same name says "Racism is dead." He and pundits rationalize that the election of President Obama ushered in a post-racial era, just like how racial discrimination ended when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier...


    Confetti ... funfetti ... it's all the same

    Opening the surprise box of national food days, I see that August 14 is National Confetti Cake Day (sometimes known as Funfetti in certain recipes). If you have a need or desire to do any summertime baking, it might be fun to check out some of these colorful, fun recipes for cakes and cupcakes. ...

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    More than 600 acres scorched - two homes lost

    The worst fire to threaten Oakhurst in more than 50 years started as a whimper Monday, Aug. 18, but quickly grew to a roaring, dangerous wildfire consuming 613 acres and destroying eight structures, including two homes and the Suburban Propane office. The estimated cost to fight the fire was $1....

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    Chamber appreciates its members at annual dinner

    Along with many area business owners, sheriff candidates Jay Varney and Michael Salvador, and District Attorney candidate David Linn, who is running against incumbent Michael Keitz, attended the third annual summer membership meeting, sponsored by the Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce last Thursday...


    New Beginning

    Like all schools in the foothill and Mountain Area, Yosemite High School opened Monday with an enthusiastic staff and eager students.


    How to acquire a Medicare covered power scooter

    Dear Savvy Senior, What's the process for getting Medicare to pay for an electric mobility scooter or power wheelchair? My 76-year-old mother has arthritis in her knees and hips, and has a difficult time getting around anymore.


    All calories not created equal

    The type bacteria in your gut may be making you fat, or it may be the reason that you're not fat. Apparently our internal flora has a lot to do with how our bodies digest the food we eat and how many calories we extract from a meal.


    Forty-five years gone

    "By the time we got to Woodstock


    Making a difference

    This week our local kids will be heading back to school. The summer vacation has ended and while those of us who live in an area that others visit for a change-of-pace, our kids get to stay in this lovely area. For a few more weeks, they will enjoy afternoon swims, visits to Yosemite, short hikes...

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