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    Here we are in the dog days of summer - an old expression referencing the hottest days of the year. These usually run from July 3 through Aug. 11 - a period extending from 20 days before to 20 days after the conjunction of Sirius (the dog star) and our sun.


    Stealing liberties

    John Kerry showed his negotiating abilities are as great as those of the Jimmy Carter administration when Jimmy not only gave Panama the Canal Zone but paid them to take it. Panama had only started the talks with a demand for the canal itself. Carter’s folks said no to that and gave them ...


    Blessed are the peacemakers

    There they were - right in his face - a half dozen Confederate flags hatefully hoisted by presidential protestors taunting Barack Obama’s recent arrival in Oklahoma City with scorn and ridicule.


    Backyard hikes

    I presented a slide show on a series of area hiking trails at the Forks Resort on the south shore of Bass Lake last Saturday evening, introducing easy-to-strenuous adventures from Bass Lake to Yosemite National Park.

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    Reducing Fuel

    In a joint effort, Cal Fire, the U.S. Forest Service, and the Madera County Road Department came together to begin thinning dead and dying trees on forest land in the Mountain Area.


    The Body Pastiche

    How the body is connected as a whole.


    Summer staging

    It didn’t take long for the young summer campers to become disillusioned with Camp Granada. In a brief 24-hour period, they had endured an outbreak of malaria, poison ivy, threat of bears, fighting amongst themselves, and readings from Ulysses. Home and kisses from Aunt Bertha never looked...


    Sierra’s Devils Table

    On July 4, I once again I visited Mono Hot Springs for my annual nature talk and rekindle old friendships from the last three decades. While sharing my adventures of the surrounding wilderness with everyone, it sparked my curiosity to visit one historical site which I haven’t seen for more...


    Hillary laughs

    Hillary Clinton was once touted by her supporters as the smartest person on the planet. She may be smart but she has been hiding her intellect lately. Certainly she has been hiding her integrity. Hillary finally deigned to offer to sit down for an interview with a CNN reporter. The reporter asked...


    Tea for Two

    I was gifted a long anticipated reunion with an estranged life-long acquaintance recently. Wanting to celebrate in superb style, I surprised her with a high tea at our area tea house, Time For Tea. I hate to divulge such, but this had sadly been my very first experience dining at this charming establishment...

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