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    Simply dollars and sense

    There comes a time in all our lives when we simply have to look out for ourselves. This is a means of survival and to ignore the facts will lead to peril for many. We need to shop locally. I realize the great temptation to run to Fresno to get the bigger items and the desire to fill up the car with...


    Reaching new heights

    I have heard many times from many fans that sports will never be the same in the Mountain Area with two high schools. Those that lamented would be right. It's not the same — in many ways it's better. Recent performances from both Yosemite and Minarets athletes have taken mountain high school...


    Water whirl

    It was my first official Tea Party.


    Thank you, Mr. Cheah

    I consider it a true God-send that Mr. Cheah would actually engage in a written conversation about the erosion of our American founding principles. I couldn't ask for a better example of the misguided thinking of the "enlightened," socialistic philosophy which blindly ignores American values stated...

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    Collectible cars — waxed, primed and ready to shine

    Within 30 minutes, Ryan (9) and Lauren Buckles (11), along with Annie (8) and Avery (11) Fie had checked-out the collectibles and had picked their favorites — one of which just happened to belong to the event coordinator, Dave Wolin — a 2012 Corvette with the hood covered with expertly...

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    Bass Lake District gets approval on domed gym

    Last week Wasuma Elementary and Bass Lake School District received final approval from the Division of State Architects to begin construction on a one-of-a-kind monolithic dome style gymnasium.


    Kopp takes second in finals

    For recently graduated Minarets senior Mikayla Kopp, who just turned 18, it has been a hectic year. She was not only busy with academics, extra-curricular senior activities, and planning her future post high school, but has competed in the 77th annual Lions Club Student Speakers Competition since...


    Citizens talk safety and awareness

    Word spread quickly around the Mountain Area about a recent increase in break-ins. In response, on Tuesday, July 8, more than 120 concerned Mountain Area citizens eagerly attended a Chamber of Commerce Town Hall Safety and Awareness meeting at the Oakhurst Community Center to discuss the next course...


    Beating the Heat

    Okay, it's hot. Real hot. In an effort to keep the children entertained, while throwing in a little education for good measure, most families are looking for quick, inexpensive ways to cool down and beat the heat — and Oakhurst has plenty to offer during these sizzling, sometimes scorching ...


    Conquering Mount Morgan at 13,748 feet

    It was in June of 2013 that Fred Cochran, Clem Bingham and I planned our climb to Mount Williamson. To our surprise, because of late spring storms, the desert road to our trailhead was victim to flash flooding. So we referred to our backup hike, Mount Morgan at 13,748 feet. Would you believe this...

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