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    Sad state of affairs

    If ever I knew the wretched state of humankind, this harsh reality hit home of late.


    Shame on Schumer

    He folded like an accordion.


    She’s not trustworthy

    Imagine Alex Trebek reading this question for final Jeopardy, “hidden in a closet in a bathroom that is located in an upper floor loft apartment complex in Denver, Colorado.” Of course the contestants would write, “where did Hillary Clinton keep her private server secure?”...


    Have a grape summer

    I love grapes, especially the ones that are very firm and crisp. I don't care for soft squishy ones, even if they taste good. I don't get to eat a lot of grapes because they have too much sugar in them, but a few here and there are allowed. They make such great snacks and additions to all sorts ...


    An excise tax on marijuana could make sense

    Taxing marijuana could raise nearly $60 million in revenue annually.


    Rain gardens conserve water beautifully

    What is a rain garden? Soak up and slow down water in a shallow bowl-shaped garden specifically designed to take advantage of where water naturally drains on your property. In our dry summers, this extra water allows a wider variety of plants to be grown.


    Exploring Middle Eastern cuisine

    Not too long ago, I finally got brave enough to branch out and explore some new (to me) cuisines, with Middle Eastern being one of them. I thought I would have to get used to some of the unfamiliar ingredients (or different combinations of familiar ones), but to my surprise, I liked everything I...


    Achieving a personal goal

    Many of you have been following the achievements of my hiking partners, Clem Bingham, and Fred Cochran, and I, through my column, “Mountain Secrets,” over the years in the Sierra Star, and


    Support our schools

    This past week most of the children in our area have returned to school to begin another year of academic rigor in preparation for taking those dreaded tests in high school that complete the cycle enabling them to receive their diploma. The Class of 2016 is beginning their final year and the Class...


    Keep it cool this summer

    Who wants to slave over a hot stove when the summer temperatures are climbing? Okay, yes, there are occasions when I actually don’t mind, if I want to prepare something I can’t live without and it requires the use of my stove. But for the most part, this time of year I do appreciate...

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