Open enrollment for Explorer Program

Madera County Sheriff's DepartmentAugust 7, 2014 

Sheriff John Anderson today announced the department is holding open enrollment for girls and boys between ages 14 and 20, who may be interested in signing up with Madera County Sheriff’s Explorer Program.

The department has scheduled two recruitment dates. They are as follows:

DATE: Friday, Aug. 22, 2014
TIME: 4 p.m.
PLACE: Oakhurst Substation – (48267 Liberty Drive)

DATE: Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014
TIME: 5:30 p.m.
PLACE: Sheriff’s Annex (28281 Avenue 14)

The Explorer program teaches its members the basics, which include: Police Radio Techniques, Patrol Procedures, Domestic calls, vehicle stops, Bomb Threat Response, First Emergency Responder scenarios, Arrest & Seizures, Defense Tactics, First Aid, Traffic Control, and Criminal Law.

A subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America, this program has mentored and fostered some of the finest students who later became some of our department’s most celebrated Sheriff’s Deputies. Some of them include: Former Undersheriff Frank Benard; Sergeants Larry Rich, Jacob Tallmon, and Jeff Thomas, (who, in 2002 won the highest medal of honor for bravery); and Deputies Joseph Wilder, Mike Thomas and Miguel Hernandez.

Currently there are currently 33 members – 16 (13 boys and 3 girls) in the Mountains and 17 the (13 boys and 4 girls) in the Valley.

Those who join will be taught Radio Techniques, Patrol Procedures, Domestic calls, vehicle stops, Bomb Threat Response, First Emergency Responder scenarios, Arrest & Seizures, Defense Tactics, First Aid, Traffic Control and Criminal Law.

“One of our main objectives,” says Sheriff John Anderson “is to promote team building and leadership among these young adults.”

Members of the Explorer Program are also actively involved in community service events sponsored by the Department. Each member is required to fulfill at least 40 hours of community service a year – but our trainees average at least 100 hours a year.

Some of the events they have played roles in include: Fingerprinting children, SWAT Training and even Search & Rescue missions.

One of their mainstays is parking detail. They provide this service to a number of venues, including Crime Stoppers. Our Explorers work Crime Stoppers annual June Jam June, typically managing as many as 3,000 guests. Just this week, they received a $200.00 check from the organizers of Madera’s annual Joaquin Murrieta Ride, for running that event’s parking detail.

All monies Explorers earn from parking detail duties go toward uniforms and critical training.

There are six basic requirements to join and remain in the program. They include:

· Must be at least 14 years old or have completed eighth grade
· Must be enrolled in school with a 2.0 GPA and no failing grades
· No serious contacts or arrests
· Be in good physical condition with weight proportional to height
· Have parental or guardian approval
· Successfully pass a background check

Anyone who is interested in finding out more should also keep in mind that students who excel in the Explorers Program have the chance to win student scholarships to be put toward either college or Police Academy tuition.

For more information, contact CSO Jo Ann Evans, (Explorer Coordinator) at the Madera County Sheriff’s Department. That number is: 559-642-3201. You can also reach her at the department’s main department: 559-675-7770.

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