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homewood@sti.netJuly 15, 2014 

Years ago the people who had voted Richard Nixon back into office for his second term had to eat a great deal of crow and also had to live with the feelings of being let down by the man they felt should lead this great nation. Such is becoming the fate of those folks who opted to vote for the scandal plagued pretender in chief in numbers that got him re-elected.

He is so aloof and out of his league that it is sad to watch but it is sad to see the damage he is bringing down upon the great people of this nation as well as our nation as a whole and the global community.

The tragedy taking place at our borders is a result of a law passed in a bipartisan effort during the last few days of the Bush administration in an effort to protect children from becoming pawns in human trafficking. What our president has done by directing Border Agents and other Federal Agents to not enforce the borders is send a message to many to come and get a foothold. They are not afraid of being captured but rather run up to agents to get assistance. This started two years ago with 6,000 children coming here and we now have 90,000 who are coming this year with a project additional 140,000 coming next year.

Our president pretends that this sneaked up on them. He must have been busy taking care of things at the IRS to ensure that Americans who differed with his politics would never suffer under unfair treatment when they requested non-profit status for their political groups. Perhaps he is helping Lois find those e-mails,

Maybe he was too busy making sure our embassy was safe in Benghazi. Perhaps he has spent time on the phone or using his pen to contact the president of Mexico to help out a hero who made a wrong turn.

Wait a second. He has been rebuilding the economy so that we would have a great recovery from a recession but alas we see the lowest workforce participation rate in fifty years.

He has been hard at work getting those unpatriotic deficits down he mentioned during his campaign against Bush but it just so happens he has been asleep at that switch as well. We are getting close to $18 trillion dollars in the hole but that is okay with him.

We are going to hear of double digit medical premium increases in September because of Obamacare but he really doesn't care.

Solyndra was a disaster, the website was a disaster, Fast and Furious was a disaster, Food Stamps are given out to almost twice the number as under W. but that is okay.

At least he is taking care of the Veterans and the problems at the VA. Not.

The allies of this country don't trust us, our enemies don't fear us, and the American people think their president is doing poorly in every poll.

We deserve answers.

Asking questions seems to be an option no longer. Congressmen and the press are invited to see the refugee camps on our southern border but are not allowed in this free country to ask questions of people working there or staying there. No pictures allowed and anyone who talks to the press faces prosecution. Sieg Heil.

He has thrown Israel under the bus. He has squandered any positives gained in Iraq and Afghanistan will be the same. The government spies on us through the NSA and the Justice Department doesn't enforce laws that Eric and Barrack don't like. The Law Professor doesn't have a clue how the Constitution is supposed to work and he makes a mockery of our system of living within the law.

Try telling the CHP you don't agree with limits on acceleration in your motor vehicle the next time they pull you over. President Obama just ignores the laws he doesn't happen to like but I doubt that you and I get the same option.

Next time you're audited by Lois Lerner's friends and colleagues just tell them the receipts are on the computer and it crashed.

So last week while a crisis of his own making was taking place in Texas the president was too busy to visit the border because he had to visit a bar in Colorado and decline a joint, shoot pool with a political ally, and then went to two different fundraisers in Texas that cost more than $10,000 per plate. That must have been one great barbecue.

While Rome burned Nero fiddled. While the United States faces assaults from all sides the president dined with Democratic Fat Cats. Just like he did in Las Vegas the night Chris Stevens was being killed in Benghazi.

History repeats itself. Those who voted for Nixon had regrets and now those who voted for Obama are beginning to see the damage of the train wreck.

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