We will all lose

Letters to the Editor - 6/29/14 edition

June 24, 2014 

Dear Editor,

I read Alan Cheah's remarks in the June 5 edition of the Star, and have concluded that he makes a few good points ... but just a few. He says that businesses are the evil players in our society and the cause of all of our problems. Reading my history I find that there were times in the past where businesses, looking out for just themselves, thrived in a society that had high employment, low prison population, good schools, and stable and small government.

But if you accept what Mr. Cheah says, business, at some time, must have gone over to the dark side, and is now the cause of all our problems while pursuing the greedy task of making money. Or, are there other causes for these problems?

Regarding the minimum wage issue, Mr. Cheah makes a good point. I suggest that the minimum wage be raised to $22.50 an hour. This should make the average wage earner make about $45,000 a year. He feels that this would reduce people on poverty significantly. Maybe so. But, such a change will have a big impact in business and how they operate. We would have to wait to see what the impacts would be to determine if the change was worth while.

The only time that I can recall where both business and government, liberals and conservatives, and rich and the not-so-rich, got together and made great strides in solving a common problem was World War II. Facing a common threat to the existence of our society, these factions got together and accomplished wonders.

Could we do that today? Could the Cheahs of our society join with the Boehners, compromise some of their basic beliefs, for the purpose of finding solutions to our problems? Right now, I say that it's not possible. All parties are pig-headed and too polarized in their beliefs. That's too bad. For the problems we now have will just get worse, and we will all lose.

Lynn Sutton, Stockton

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