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homewoods@sti.netJune 24, 2014 

When is enough going to be enough? The supporters of the president and his cronies just keeping justifying his actions, his inactions, his lies, his lack of candor, his claims, his denials and his inability to administrate. When do they finally decide to hold the president accountable for his administration?

I will grant them that past presidents of both parties have done things that we all wish had been done differently or even not at all. But we need to stop making excuses and just accept the facts that are here before us today. The people are growing weary.

The liberals can't seem to find fault with this president. To them all of his critics are racist zealots who hate Barack Obama because of his pigment. I just dislike his political points of view.

So at what point will some on the left begin to answer the questions from the rest of us about the current president? Why does the left dismiss the actions of this administration regarding Fast and Furious? They sold guns to Mexican cartels and lost track of them. One was used to kill a Border Patrol agent. No outrage. Black Panthers intimidate white voters and the DOJ states it was not a threat to white voters and no criminal action. Clearly there was intimidation but Holder gave it a pass. No Outrage.

Half a billion dollars wasted on Solyndra. No Outrage. Uncontrolled spending and budget deficits and increased National Debt beyond what Obama called "unpatriotic" when slower increases were happening under Bush. No outrage. Huge problems with Health Care rollout. No outrage. Higher premiums than promised, huge deductibles required, the lies about keeping your doctor and your medical plan "period." No outrage. Unemployment numbers are being cooked so that it appears that more are getting jobs but it is all smoke and mirrors. The administration counts part-time and full-time jobs exactly the same. They further don't include the millions of folks who have simply given up looking for work. No outrage from the left. Loss of all military and political advantages garnered by the US in Iraq under Bush to the point where Baghdad may fall soon. No Outrage. NSA spies on our allies. No Outrage. NSA spies on all American's telephones, e-mails, Facebook etc. No Outrage.

The borders of the United States have more leaks than any sieve in a kitchen. Illegals are simply arriving and surrendering to ICE Agents so that they get free medical, free dental, free education, free housing, and a free pass to citizenship when the president grants amnesty in a few months by Executive Order. Will there be outrage? The IRS targets Americans because of their political beliefs. No Outrage. The IRS chief refuses to even offer any form of apology for the lies and deceit involved in the loss of the Lois Lerner files. How can we know those e-mails are damning to the IRS and this administration? If they supported the IRS or the administration they would have been made public months ago. Instead we learn now that the IRS computer crashed, was recycled in February and they were telling the Congress after the crash that they were working to get the files to them. "My dog ate my homework" worked better. No outrage from the left.

Four dead Americans and the Secretary of State did not see a difference in falsely blaming a video she knew on September 12, had nothing to do with the terrorist attack in order to help this president win an election. Where is the outrage over that example of election fraud?

A deserter is traded for five Terrorists and yet this president after three months did not even broach the subject of the Marine held in Mexico for making a wrong way turn while speaking to Mexico's president. The Marine is rotting in prison there but the president has time for several fundraisers. No outrage.

The president and this country are not respected around the world by our enemies or even our allies and yet no outrage or concern from the left. The president has basically tossed Israel under the bus. Putin is going into Ukraine, Syria crossed the red line, Iran is building atomic bombs capability as are the North Koreans, and our president does little to nothing. No outrage from his supporters as we see despots advance against democracy. The Senate refuses to tackle the hundreds of bills the House has passed and sent to them because of democratic leadership failings and no outrage is heard.

But alas there is one area where we hear the cry in the wilderness that a wrong must be addressed and the government must act quickly to save the day. The president and his fellow democrats have found the time and energy to weigh in on an important problem facing the American public. They want to force the owner of a football team to change the name of his team so that some are not offended by the name of his team. Now we hear the outrage.

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