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editorial@sierrastar.comJune 24, 2014 

I believe that most intelligent and knowledgeable people realize that our justice department hasn't delivered "justice for all" for many decades. Criminal activity brought about by mental imparity has been "treated" with nothing more than incarceration in a penal institution which adds more criminal training and additional criminal activity and additional incarceration. Now our Justice Department demands that criminals be released due to overcrowding.

There was a time when our nation had many mental institutions which dealt with, in rather barbaric ways, mental illness. Our government decided to eliminate them instead of working to make them viable resulting in over populated prisons.

A mentally deranged or unstable person takes guns and ammunition and shoots up a school or theater and the government response is more gun control.

An alcoholic gets in his car and kills a family and those same people want to throw the book at him. What? Shouldn't we have car control? I submit that people who think that way have mental issues.

Actor Tim Robbins recently applauded our state for allocating $2.5 million to teach the "arts" in 14 of our prisons. Are these the same "arts" classes being stripped from our schools? Perhaps we should prepare our children for prison. Those who make these types of decisions display a form of mental illness.

For more than 200 years the American culture regarded "normal" and "natural" as "a truth known to be self evident." Those dearly held beliefs have been discarded by tolerance and anti-discrimination. Vulgarity and perversion reigns. If a group of citizens who practice abnormal or unnatural behavior demand equality with those who conduct themselves according to God's natural law, our government passes legislation protecting that which is abnormal or unnatural. The result is that those who are normal, natural, and law abiding are punished. Mental illness is more widespread than we realize.

Alan Cheah's column of June 5, seems to assert that business is the problem and government is the solution. The success-to-fail ratio says he's dead wrong — especially when you count the failures of business which were propped up by the misguided government stimulus. Socialists fail to recognize the eventual failure of their "programs" when they run out of other people's money.

Mr. Cheah seems to think that if we can equalize the paycheck of a burger flipper with the CEO of General Motors everyone will join hands in a kumbaya dance off into the sunset. There's something miss-wired in this mental programming.

Peter Cavanaugh's column of June 12, is convoluted at best. There's nothing "prodigal" about the return of soldier Bergdahl. Mr. Cavanaugh should go back and reread the biblical story. What Mr. Cavanaugh fails to recognize is that our president negotiated with a terrorist element (not a nation we are at war with), which is against national policy.

Our president broke the law when he made the deal without notifying the Congress of the United States of America and he's waiting for a national high-five. This is evidence of mental illness.

It's obvious that Mr. Cavanaugh has no experience or understanding of what it means to pledge one's life to our country and serve in our military. Why do people leave out the "whole" truth? A loose screw.

How is it that Obama can close the front door of our White House, denying us entry, but he can't close the border to an invasion of tens of thousands of foreign children? This is the same president who declared the end of the war in Iraq and now faces the very real possibility of the creation of a terrorist nation? This is a strong indication of insanity.

I'll quote from Mr. Cavanaugh's column: "National insanity is individually contagious and reliably self-perpetuating." Enough said.

To intelligent and knowledgeable people the evidence is overwhelming. Our president is a lying, spineless, Muslim sympathizer. Our Justice Department has no interest in justice, and the various departments under the control of our president are subversive to American freedom and liberty. From the EPA to the Veteran's Administration and the invasion of our southern border, our government is anti-American. No values, miss-wired, mentally ill.

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